Coronation Street fans gobsmacked as Rita details her swingers party ordeal

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Coronation Street fans couldn't believe what they were hearing during the latest episode after Rita Sullivan revealed that she previously attended a swingers' party.

The fiery red head was speaking openly as she had afternoon tea with her neighbours Ken Barlow, Audrey Roberts, Claudia Colby and Roy Cropper.

Discussing some of the raunchy details from their past and some of things they did when they were younger, Rita caused mouths to drop when she disclosed details of a swingers' party she attended with old friend Norris.

Hearing her confession, viewers were left hysterical as they took to Twitter to share in on the joke.

One person wrote: "Rita's talking about going to a swingers party," followed by a laughing emoji.

Another stunned viewer shared: "Does anybody know roughly when we'll see Rita and Norris at the swingers party on classic Corrie?"

While a third penned: "The Thought of Rita at a swingers party!"

Fans were also loving the fact that the older residents of Coronation Street decided to meet up for afternoon tea as they praised producers for putting "legends" all in one scene.

Sharing their thoughts, one happy viewer penned: "That was one of the best episodes of @itvcorrie, I’ve ever, ever seen. And I’ve been watching for 41 years. Sue Nicholls is a legend. #Audrey."

Another echoed: "Do not care for Faye and Craig, can we have more scenes with these legends like Roy, Audrey, Rita and Ken."

And a third added: "So good to see the older generation getting a great storyline!"

But although the jokes and the alcohol was flowing in the scene, things took an unfortunate turn when Audrey revealed she recently tried to commit suicide.

Shocked by the revelation, Audrey's friends tried their best to comforrt her, while they also blamed themselves for not recognising the signs prior.

But trying to not put a down hearted spirit on the day, Audrey tried to move things on however her closest friends assured them that they will do more to help her going forward.

Seeing the heart-warming scenes unfold, fans took to Twitter to comment this aspect too.

One person wrote: "Amazing episode this evening with the brilliant Sue Nicholls highlighting a subject matter that resonates with me, Audrey dealing with loneliness, depression and attempting to take her life. Wonderfully written by Steven Fay and Carmel Morgan, thank you."

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