Coronation Street spoilers: Cathy Matthews accuses Steve and Tracy of stealing from Oliver's fund in vile trolling

CATHY Matthews accuses Steve and Tracy of stealing from Oliver’s fund in a vile trolling incident next week. 

Steve's son Oliver passed away from an incurable form of mitochondrial disease at the end of last year in tragic scenes. 

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And it looks like there's more distress on the horizon for Steve as a vengeful Cathy targets him online next week.

Viewers will see Cathy berate Brian for chasing Steve over his paper bill, pointing out that he’s grieving and doesn’t need any extra stress. 

Cathy decides to pay the bill, unbeknown to Steve.

Later, Cathy reveals she’d like to do more to help Steve with his fundraising, but Tracy ends up upsetting her with her reply. 

Angered by Tracy’s comments, Cathy decides to seek revenge against the ungrateful couple.

Later, viewers will see Cathy post her own views online about Steve and Tracy’s fundraising efforts.

Steve is shocked later when he stumbles upon comments online suggesting he and Tracy are stealing money from Oliver’s fund.

Amy vows to make the troll pay and starts doing some digging. 

When Cathy overhears Amy telling Asha about the online trolls and how upset Steve is, she feels immensely guilty.

Will Amy uncover the identity of the troll – and tell Steve it’s Cathy?

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