Coronation Street spoilers: Denise Osbourne gives son Daniel a huge gift – as he draws attentions of gold digger Daisy

CORONATION Street bosses have confirmed a surprising new love interest for Daisy Midgeley next week as the gold digger sets her sights on Daniel Osbourne. 

Daisy – who is played by Charlotte Jordan in the ITV soap – has only just got her claws into Ryan Connor after scheming to seduce him.

Fans were horrified when Daisy plied Ryan with cocktails and tricked him into sleeping in her bed in recent scenes, before purposefully telling his girlfriend Alya that they’d shared a bed.

Next week, Daisy continues to wind up Alya, dragging Ryan to Speed Daal to show him off and making it clear that he is her boyfriend now. 

However, it all proves too much for Ryan when Daisy criticises Alya’s food and makes a jibe about her and Ryan getting together as soon as he’d split from her.

Daisy is irritated when Ryan gets up and walks out.

Later in the week, Daisy is disappointed when she discovers that Ryan has been given a gig in the children’s tent at the ski festival.

She’s irritated further when Ryan spots Alya in the Rovers and apologises to Alya for the other day.

When Daniel orders a bottle of champagne and reveals that his mother has given him a house, Daisy’s ears prick up.

Later in the week, with Ryan off at a gig, Daisy spots an opportunity to flirt with Daniel.

Pretending she loves children, she compliments Daniel on his photos of Bertie.

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They’re eventually interrupted by Ryan when he returns from the gig. 

Is Daisy about to set her sights on Daniel?

Corrie star Charlotte Jordan recently hinted that her character Daisy could become a fully-fledged soap villain in the future. 

She told Digital Spy: ​​"Well, this is the thing – I've had discussions with the script editors, storyliners and producers because I think that's still quite up in the air.

"I think they're still deciding just how dark can we make her. So the honest answer is I don't really know!

"I'm trying to leave options when I'm working for her to be more humane, and I'm trying to leave options for her to maybe be totally psychotic. So I don't really know at the moment.

"Right now she's a bit of a troublemaker, she's a bit minxy and she's got a bit of a backstory behind it. I'm getting to play all sides of the spectrum, which is lovely.”

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