Desperate Mack strives to get rid of Chloe from Emmerdale at any cost

Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) has tried playing nice in Emmerdale, but as the risk to his relationship increases, so does his dark side, and Chloe’s (Jessie Elland) about to feel the brunt of it.

Mack has been scrabbling around to protect his lie ever since first sleeping with Chloe behind Charity’s back and later learning she was carrying his child.

He’s tried all methods, threatening her into having an abortion, trying to be fair with the promise of child support. But when his back hits the wall he reacts badly in the name of protecting his relationship with Charity (Emma Atkins).

But he also reacts out of disgust for his own unexpected feelings.

He flies into a panic when he learns from Sarah (Katie Hill) that Chloe has collapsed and has been taken to hospital. When Sarah arrives at the hospital to be with her friend, Chloe is shocked to see Mack trailing behind her – along with Charity. Sarah is oblivious to the subtle drama she’s causing with the secret knowing looks of terror between them.

Mackenzie learns more about what Chloe has been through and feels absolute guilt. He steals a moment with her to reassure her he’ll do what he can to help support her and the baby. But is his desire to be the good guy revealing more about how he feels about becoming a dad?

Nate (Jurelle Carter) hits the nail on the head when he shocks Mack by suggesting that maybe he wants to be more involved in the baby’s life than he’s letting on. Bingo. Charity also might be starting to sense something is going on when Sarah behaves a bit strangely and Charity notices. Uh oh spaghettios.

Chloe is blindsided when Charity and Sarah arrive back at the hospital and insist she goes home with them. They refuse to accept a no even when Chloe does her best to wriggle out of it. Cue a heart attack from Mack when he comes home and realises his new housemate is his secret baby mama.

Mack has tried to play the good guy as best he can until now, but this is one step to far. With his relationship now hugely at risk, he concocts a devilish plan to get Chloe out of the house. But will it blow up in his face?

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