EastEnders fans baffled as Shirley transforms into ‘Inspector Gadget’ at funeral

EastEnders fans were left in stitches as the drama unfolded during Tina’s funeral after Shirley’s outfit drew a slew of hilarious comparisons to Inspector Gadget and a mob boss.

As fans prepared for an emotional episode while Tina was finally laid to rest, viewers were distracted by Shirley’s bizarre outfit, which saw her hiding behind a large trench coat and black trilby hat.

"Is it just me or was Shirley dressed as spy, if it was she'd be the double of Inspector Gadget," said one viewer.

A second echoed: "Shirley’s come as inspector f***in gadget for the funeral!!" while a third agreed: "Shirley doing an Inspector Gadget cosplay!"

Others also compared her to Freddie Kruger and a New York gangster.

One viewer joked: "Getting really strong Freddie Krueger vibes from Shirley in that hat on #EastEnders".

Another asked: "I still don’t understand why Shirley is dressed like a 1940’s New York gangster #EastEnders."

Shirley was seen doing her best to prevent a bust up between Linda and Janine at the Queen Vic following the funeral, but a drunk Linda was on a mission to confront her for ruining her marriage.

Linda Carter previously revealed details of her rocky marriage with Mick to Janine, who ultimately convinced her to file for divorce.

Janine’s ulterior motive was to get her hands on the Vic landlord herself, as Linda began threatening a confrontation with Janine.

Sharon Watts desperately tried to intervene, telling her that It was unwise to take on Janine Butcher without a game plan.

Linda, however, ignores her best mate’s advice and storms over the pub to give Janine a piece of her mind.

Drinking away her sorrows and failing to control her emotions, Linda attacked Janine and the pair engage in an all-out brawl.

Mick is then seen stepping in in a bid to stop the fighting.

Fans previously saw Mick deliver a touching eulogy to Tina, but he was soon overwhelmed with emotion.

As Linda contemplated whether or not it was still her place to console him, she was beaten to the punch by Janine.

Upon discovering that Mick was close to the very woman who had a hand in destroying their marriage, she stormed out of the service, and sought solace in a bottle of booze.

The Carter family was left devastated by Tina's tragic death after she was brutally murdered over a year ago on the show by Gray Atkins.

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