EastEnders fans convinced they’ve ‘figured out’ identity of George Knight’s wife

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    EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve figured out the secret wife of new character George Knight – and she’s set to make a dramatic return.

    As viewers tuned in to watch the aftermath of their explosive arrival on the square, his partner Elaine began explaining to her daughter Linda that her beau’s wife “walked out” on him and their two daughters “suddenly” and no one knows why or where she went.

    But fans soon turned detective and offered up a theory that former character Cindy Beale may be the woman in question.

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    “So Cindy Beal must be George’s wife? 9 years since she done a runner and all the girls have is her Jewellery box? Lucy Beale springs to mind almost 9 years ago she was killed!” one fan proclaimed online.

    “I’ve gaslight myself into thinking Cindy Beale is Anna and Gina’s mum now. # EastEnders,” said a second.

    A third echoed: “9 years ago there mum walked out on them…. 9 years ago Cindy walked out on them.” While a fourth penned: “Cindy Beale is going to be George’s ex wife and the new girls mum isn’t she? #Eastenders.”

    Following the bombshell news that Cindy Beale would be returning to EastEnders, all eyes are on what's in store for Michelle Collins's character.

    All we know so far is she's reunited with Ian Beale 25 years after she was killed off-screen in prison.

    However, a report has emerged suggesting Ian and Cindy will be involved in a caper involving sandwiches.

    Elsewhere, Linda struggled with the Knight family invasion while loved-up Elaine and George made themselves at home.

    Linda's nose was put out of joint when Phil arranged a meeting with George to discuss a new pub, pie, and fight collaboration between The Vic and The Boxing Den.

    Later, Linda overheard George on the phone and realized he hadn't yet sold his Marbella bar, so he had no money to support The Vic accounts.

    Furious, Linda ordered him and the girls out. George stunned Elaine and the rest of The Vic punters by proposing, leaving them in shock.

    Phil was less than impressed that Ben intended to sell the Arches to Sharon, but he was hellbent on the deal.

    Callum was later stunned to hear that Ben had been in thousands of pounds worth of debt from supporting Jay and Lola, plus the US medical trials, and had no option but to do the deal to stay afloat.

    Phil confronted Sharon to find out what she wanted with the Arches and was raging when she admitted she had bought it to set Keanu up with a business.

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