EastEnders’ teen pregnancy ‘sealed’ as fans predict huge plot twist for Lily

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    EastEnders fans are predicting a major plot twist which will see teenager Lily embark on a teenage pregnancy storyline.

    Fans recently saw Whitney take pregnancy test after a one night stand with Zack, revealing to pal Stacey that she was in fact pregnant.

    But fans are suspecting that Whitney might be being dishonest about the test, and that 12-year-old Lily is the one who is pregnant.

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    As Jean was seen cleaning out the bin in the bathroom, she discovered the pregnancy test and during a conversation with Eve, they suspected it was likely Stacey that was pregnant.

    But Jean soon began to consider that it could be Lily, as viewers tuned into the plot.

    “Imagine if Lilly was pregnant instead of Whitney?” said one viewer.

    “Why would Whitney throw her positive pregnancy test into Stacey's bin? . Unless it's actually Lilly's # EastEnders,” another theorised.

    “Oh dear jean’s found a positive pregnancy test and thinks it’s Stacey’s but it’s Whitney’s (if the lily theory isn’t true)???” said a third.

    “Right so the test IS Whitney’s then and not Lily’s. Unless there’s a twist coming,” penned a fourth, while another added: “Giving lily a teen pregnancy storyline is RISKY but playing it safe is boring and it's not like ee haven't pulled any risky sls before. kudos to them if they manage to do it justice #EastEnders”

    Stacey is amused that Jean thinks she’s pregnant, but admits the test is Whitney’s and swears Jean to secrecy.

    Later at Walford East, Jean bumps into Zack and mistakenly thinks he knows and congratulates him on the news.

    Zack goes to talk to Whitney, but their conversation turns into a row.

    Whitney tells Zack that she and the baby don’t need him and as Zack rushes home, where he drops the baby bombshell on Sharon before leaving Walford.

    Elsewhere in the episode, Karen accidentally tells Janine that Mick and Linda went shopping for Ollie’s school shoes, sparking more paranoia about their relationship.

    Later, Janine calls the registrar to get the wedding moved forward.

    Mick lets Janine know that he and Linda are going to buy Ollie’s Christmas presents together, and she’s fuming but she cheers up when she gets some good news – there’s been a cancellation so they can get married in two weeks.


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