Emmerdale bosses built all new prop for huge stunt 'never seen before'

Is there a single villager in Emmerdale who hasn’t been witness to an explosion, crash, storm, bridge collapse or murder?

Of course not, this is the village of the damned, which has been home to a maze fire in which Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) killed Andrea Tate – in the wake of a bridge collapsing and sending four characters into the rapids below.

Even more recently, Christmas Day was spent with the less than festive settlement being rocked by the Woolpack blowing up.

Previously, the show has boasted stunts that go that extra mile – who can forget the motorway pile up which saw a double figure amount of vehicles crash thanks to Emma Barton.

Yes, the same woman who was then caught in a burning barn which then exploded – before she then plunged from a high up bridge.

Plane crashes, gas explosions, helicopters smashing into weddings, great storms, minibuses overturning and speedboats erupting; is there anything that the programme hasn’t tried.

Well, apparently yes, according to Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw, who pitched a spectacle which shocked the writers’ room.

And with the show’s team having to build an all new prop to facilitate this ‘never been seen before’ stunt, colour us intrigued.

And the cast worried about who is going to be bumped off this time.

‘We’re featuring huge stunts!’ the show boss exclaimed to Metro.co.uk. ‘We’ve filmed a fairly big stunt; it’s been really exciting to film and I don’t think we’ve done anything like it before.

‘We had a lot of conversations and scratchings of heads. I pitched the idea, and everyone was stunned! In the end, we had to build a very special prop in order to make the stunt work.’

And it goes beyond props and planning – there’s camerawork and direction still to be considered.

Laura added: ‘We’ve also used some new and different filming techniques that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action. It’s absolutely terrifying!

‘I don’t think we’ve ever done that in Emmerdale before, it was really great to watch our hugely talented team do new and exciting things to make the show look incredible.’

You don’t have to wait too long to find out more details – the episodes in question will air in May.

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