Emmerdale double exit sealed as character makes announcement

Emmerdale: Mack and Charity meet Chloe's baby

Last year, Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) had a one-night stand with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) while on a break from his now wife, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Although she left the village soon after finding out she was pregnant, the mum-to-be recently returned and went into labour on Mackenzie’s wedding day.

Despite now being a father to a healthy baby boy called Reuben, Charity is yet to find out about his child.

However, it looks as though Mack’s huge secret will be kept between him and Chloe as the new mum made a shocking announcement this week.

In emotional scenes in the ITV soap, Emmerdale fans saw Chloe and Mack meet up alone where she told him her plans to leave.

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Admitting it wasn’t fair on Reuben or her to be around Mack while he remained with Charity, Chloe revealed she’d be moving to Scotland.

Taken aback by the news, Mack was visibly emotional at losing his newborn as he took Reuben in his arms and said a heart-wrenching goodbye.

With it all getting too much for Chloe, she quickly stopped Mack from speaking and took her son off of him.

Heading off in tears, it was clear to fans that Mack was coming to the realisation of how much he was walking away from.

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A theory by Express.co.uk suggests as Mack has time to let the news of Chloe and Reuben’s exit sink in, he has a change of heart.

Deciding he wants to be a present dad in Reuben’s life, he makes the hard decision to go with them to Scotland, leaving his new wife shattered by the betrayal.

Previously, actress Emma Atkins teased there was a big twist coming in Emmerdale which could throw a spanner in the works for her relationship.

She told The Mirror:  “I think in the future we have been told that towards the end of the year, there is something we are not allowed to know yet.

“Another triangle I believe, unfinished business perhaps, but the three of us aren’t being told anything.”

Although actor Lawrence Robb hinted there’s drama ahead for his character and his new bride as she’s set to discover he’s Reuben’s father.

He said:  “He does go off the rails a little bit. With having this great life he’s built and then having to deal with the tragedy of potentially losing his son, he does go off the rails a bit.

“He will have moments of him getting up to no good again, but how far he goes I don’t know. There’s definitely stuff coming.”

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV from 7:30pm

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