Emmerdale ‘exit’ as fans fear for Belle Dingle in sinister Tom King twist

Emmerdale: Tom drops the L-bomb on Belle

Emmerdale fans believe history could repeat itself for Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor-Draper) after her boyfriend Tom King (James Chase) keeps pushing her away.

In scenes that aired last week, Tom ended up getting attacked and his car stolen, but viewers believe he may have known the culprits involved.

Following Monday’s ITV instalment, Belle and Tom appeared to make amends after he shouted out at her for telling Jimmy King (Nick Miles) about his attack.

After he apologised to his girlfriend, Tom insisted he didn’t need support: “I get why you’re looking out for me but…I am sorry it is not your call not when I want to keep it private.”

Belle replied: “But why do you? When I’m going through something I need my family. We tell each other everything… to just rally around and share the load, I’d be lost without them.”

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“I cope differently,” Tom explained. “When we left here I had to cope on my own.

“I was just there trying not to be a problem for a mum who had enough on her plate.

“I am not complaining, we just don’t exactly gel, we never have.”

“Whenever I have a problem I just like to fix it myself,” he added. “I am a private person and I need you to respect that.”

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Fans have taken to Twitter in droves to share their thoughts on what will happen next, and many believe Belle could be in danger.

Many believe Tom could turn abusive towards the Dingle favourite, while others felt he could follow in his dad Carl King’s footsteps.

@Winis_World wrote: “Belle is better off without Tom. I don’t trust him. His energy is so off. He also seems so fake.”

@sparkysue asked: “#Emmerdale. What is wrong with the awful Tom? He’s being all blokey and macho. Be careful of men like that Belle.”

While @TwellyWatcher added: “Belle and Tom’s relationship doesn’t look like it’s heading down a nice path.”

@pam_debeauvoir shared: “Tom has the charisma of a dead stoat. Can’t abide this pointless character. Belle deserves better #Emmerdale.”

“Tom King is turning into a mini Carl King #Emmerdale,” @DylanDylan1909 predicted.

@wibster1979 pleaded: “Tom needs to be axed. Completely pointless character #emmerdale.”

As @CallumPO6 theorised: “I feel like Tom is somehow involved in the car theft. He didn’t put up much of a fight and then refused to get the police involved. Convenient how he was so insistent on Dawn plastering it all over social media too. #Emmerdale.” (sic)

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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