Emmerdale ‘exit’ as fans ‘work out’ villager rocked by pregnancy bombshell

Emmerdale: Lydia Dingle phones the police to report Liv

Emmerdale fans seem to think Lydia Dingle (played by Karen Blick) could be pregnant after she was sexually assaulted by Craig Reed (Ben Addis).

In distressing scenes that aired earlier this week, Lydia felt ashamed and she didn’t know who to turn to following the horrific attack.

She almost confessed what happened to Kim Tate (Claire King) when the Home Farm owner realised something was wrong.

When asked about why she was so low, Lydia said: “Just stuff. First, it was Dan and Amelia and our Samson.

“Then it was seeing Craig again, I told him that i didn’t want him to get the wrong idea after we…”

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She went on: “That there was nothing between us and there never would be.”

“Go on,” Kim probed as Lydia said: “I don’t know, maybe I am just tired.”

“Sometimes things just pile up, don’t they? she added tearfully.

“You’re too nice for your own good sometimes,” Kim told her. “Men like Craig shouldn’t take advantage, you should stand up for yourself more, he can’t be getting away with it.”

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Following the incident, fans seem to think the Dingle stalwart will fall pregnant as a result of the attack.

Taking to Twitter to share their theories, @blue_laur11 asked: “Watching #Emmerdale do we think Lydia will get pregnant.”

@Jamal06122771 said: “You go, Lydia, drag it a bit more, let the whole Dingle Clan start to love Craig and make him feel welcome. But what could make this more twisted is if you fall pregnant. #emmerdale.” (sic)

While @AllyLouJ16 added: “My heart breaks for Lydia I have a feeling she will end up pregnant in a cruel twist….#Emmerdale.”

“Lydia’s either gonna get pregnant, or kill thingy in a mad rage, with a hammer, or somesuch, or both #Emmerdale,” @drummergirl2000 tweeted. (sic)

@Theatreluvvie12 went on: “Can see Lydia’s story going on for some time because you can bet she’s pregnant #emmerdale.”

Could an exit be on the cards for either Lydia or Craig if the Dingle favourite falls pregnant?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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