Emmerdale fans have a big complaint as Kim Tate learns the truth about DI Malone's death

VIEWERS of Emmerdale have been left frustrated by the writers of the long-running soap as the Malone storyline drags on.

The death ofDI Malone, the Dales' corrupt cop, occurred well over a year ago in August 2020-and fans are hoping the storyline wraps up soon.

Malone's body has finally been found, with Kim Tate learning the shocking truth of his murder.

The twisted police officer originally turned up to the village to investigate the shooting of Nate Robinson.

It didn't take long for Emmerdale residents to realise that the cop was crooked, discovering his criminal ways.

After Malone threatened Dawn to take her life, pushing her to commit suicide by overdosing on copious amounts of heroin, he was attacked by Dawn and Harriet.

The DI was attacked and hit upon the head with a kettle by Harriet and then shot and killed by Dawn.

He was killed off a reasonable while ago, in August 2020 however it appears that his storyline is set to reemerge- and fans aren't pleased.

One wrote: "the way the malone sl is actually the worst Emmerdale storyline in years and all they’ve done with it is make literally everyone involved with the storyline absolutely intolerable"

Another agreed, adding: "Ok I give up what is going on with Emmerdale? The script writer has lost the plot . So sad to see this soap becoming a farce"

A third chimed in : "First time I’ve put #Emmerdale on in 6 months & I thought I was watching an episode from back then…"

"Can’t believe they’re still banging on about Malone's body at Home Farm. Confirmed exactly why I stopped watching it" a fourth wrote.


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