FBoy Island cast: Meet the contestants from HBO Max's new show

HBO Max's newest dating show challenges women to determine if their eligible suitors are nice guys or self proclaimed "fboys."

FBoy Island will begin breaking hearts in the Summer of 2021.

Who are the FBoy Island contestants?

Hosted by Nikki Glaser, FBoy Island features three women trying to weed out the heartbreakers from the hunks out of a group of 24 bachelors aged 22-35.

The Girls

Get to know the three girls tasked with finding love from a group poisoned by "fboys."

CJ Franco

The 30-year-old hails from Los Angeles and is a full time content creator and model.

She went on the show as advice from her therapist.

Nakia Renee

Also an LA native, Renne, 28, is a hair and makeup stylist by trade, but spends her free time singing and writing songs.

Her stint on the show, filmed on a tropical island, was her first time traveling out of the US.

Sarah Emig

Lastly, the 25-year-old social media manager, has high hopes for finding love and is also teaching herself to DJ to fulfill her love of music festivals.

The Men

See if you can determine which 12 are sweet and which 12 are sour.

Andrew Dietz

Dietz, 27, is a Southern boy from Atlanta, Georgia, who works as an firefighter and EMT and ocean rescue lifeguard, but can he save CJ, Sarah, and Nakia from the threat of fboys?

Anthony Reed

Sporty Anthony Reed, 28, hails from North Carolina, works as a behavioral health technician and loves to make people laugh.

Will his behaviors prove romantic or rebellious?

Cameron Brown

This 29-year-old Las Vegas real estate agent is a total self-proclaimed momma's boy.

Casey Johnson

Johnson, 24, loves cooking when he is not busy working as an IT Engineer Recruiter in Ohio.

Charley Santos

This 30-year-old model and fitness trainer appears to be obsessed with bettering himself with hobbies including studying physiology and corrective exercise, reading about self-development, and tons of working out, including parkour.

Chaun Williams

Williams' Las Vegas address makes sense when considering that the 35-year-old Image Consultant doubles as a Cirque Du Soleil Performer.

Chris Gillis

This 29-year-old New York Commercial Real Estate Broker unwinds after a long day by watching car reviews.

Collin Carter

Carter, 26, loves shopping for new clothes outside of his day jobs as a barber and photographer.

Divij Vaswani

The 24-year-old Digital Media Executive and Talent agent also owns a melatonin company and works with influencers.

Fernando Titus

When not cracking backs, chiropractor Titus, 27, enjoys "bringing out the best version" of himself and whoever he is with.

Garatt Powers

Firefighter by trade, artist and poet by choice, Powers, 35, is hyper-competitive in sports, but will he be the same in a competition dating show?

Garrett Morosky

Despite having the same name, Morosky could not be farther from the art and poetry world as a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency guru at age 28.

Greg Metelus

Just like CJ, Metelus works as a content creator and model in LA and enjoys "cleaning his beard" when he has downtime.

Israel Dimri

The LA based entrepreneur, 34, enjoys playing guitar, wall climbing, and motorcycle riding.

Jamie Wood

Wood, 30, works for Ohio State Athletics in his home state and loves meeting new people.

Jared Motley

Motley, 27, has an array of careers including Fitness Coach, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur and even more hobbies including "intelligent masterminding with like / brilliant minds."

Josh McDonald

This 34-year-old Chicago based Brand Marketer and Entrepreneur loves exploring new places, like a tropical island with 23 other men perhaps?

Kevin Sun

Sun, 28, lives up to his name, hailing from Hawaii, working as an event producer, and enjoying adventure sports including scuba diving and rock climbing.

Mark Moran

This New York investment banker loves telling dad jokes at just 29-years-old.

Matt Chamberlain

Chamberlain, 22, lives in Nashville and works as an Army National Guardsman and Home Renovation Salesman.

Paul Keating

Another man of many talents, California native Keating, 27, works as a Surf and Yoga Instructor, Model and Fridge Mover, along with learning Spanish.

Peter Park

This 30-year-old Virginia based model prides himself on his power napping skills.

Ryan Garland

Garland, 27, prefers to go by Rhino as a full time student who loves stargazing and finding new restaurants.

Tariq Johnson

Last but not least, Johnson, 22, is a nutritionist and kickboxing trainer from Colorado.

When does FBoy Island premiere on HBO Max?

FBoy Island premieres on July 29 on HBO Max with new episodes airing on Thursday's.

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