Garraway’s Good Stuff viewers ‘thank’ Kate and applaud new ‘positive’ breakfast show

Kate Garraway launched her new breakfast show Garraway’s Good Stuff on ITV today and has received a flurry of praise from viewers. She revealed that the aim of the show was for viewers to “forget” about the bad stuff and have an hour of enlightenment and positivity to start their weekend. Viewers took to social media to applaud Kate, with many describing it as a “positive” start to their day.

Fans of Kate Garraway tuned in on Saturday morning to watch her new daytime TV show and they took to Twitter to praise the show.

Sarah Jones praised: “Loving @kategarraway Good Stuff! Just what we need a little light relief & joy! #GarrawaysGoodStuff.”

@Natalie11217 commented: “Watching @mattgoss @TomReadWilson on @kategarraway #GarrawaysGoodStuff what a lovely positive start to the day & there’s puppies too!”

@_LucasMichael_ added: “Quite enjoying this for a nice wake-up show. Kate is fantastic, and Tom is the perfect first guest. Adore him. #GarrawaysGoodStuff.”

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Martin West said: “Loving @mattgoss and @TomReadWilson on #garrawaysgoodstuff this morning.”

@Chilloutweed tweeted: “Isn’t @kategarraway Looking fab this morning on #garrawaysgoodstuff!”

Carol Mcvicar said: “#garrawaysgoodstuff Great start to my Saturday morning!” (sic)

Introducing the show, Kate said: “Thank you so much for joining me and my very first show.

“The idea is that every Saturday morning all the way through the summer, I am going to be here for an hour where we can just forget the bad stuff and give ourselves a big dollop of positivity.

“With some great guests who will share with us what makes them feel good, we have some tasty and delicious food for your Saturday night TV dinner as well.

“And we are going to be diving into the often hilariously weird but always wonderful world of wellbeing, with some simple ideas that we can use in our real lives and bring some joy into our world.

“So the idea is to give ourselves a great start to the weekend and hopefully a happier and healthier week ahead.”

Taking to her Instagram account on Friday evening, Kate posted an image alongside her guests Tom Read Wilson and Matt Goss.

The caption read: “Hey, join me, @tomreadwilson & @mattgoss tomorrow at 8.30 a.m on @itv for the 1st ever #garrawaysgoodstuff .

“Life’s so hectic, isn’t it & I find early on Saturday morning is often the only hour I get to myself before the kids & Derek wake up.

“So I indulge in me-time – the things I love that make me feel good & stay positive. So the idea behind the show is to share the “good stuff” & hear from great guests about what brings them joy & a sense of well being.

“Hope it kickstarts your weekend well & gives you a better week ahead! Oh & do let me know if there’s anything you would love me to explore.”

Kate’s show comes after her husband Derek Draper was diagnosed with Covid in March 2020 and remained in critical condition a year later.

He recently made his way home but is still seriously ill and needs round the clock care, with support from Kate and their two children.

The family filmed Derek’s struggle with the virus during the ITV documentary, Caring for Derek, which highlighted Derek’s journey after leaving the hospital as Kate navigates through the difficult circumstances while juggling her ITV job and raising their two children.

Garraway’s Good Stuff airs Saturday from 8:30am on ITV.

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