Gemma Collins in heartbreaking confession as she reveals she feels 'down and ugly' despite weight loss

GEMMA Collins has revealed she has days where she feels ugly and down despite her weight loss, wealth and fame.

The former Towie star, 40, admitted on her BBC podcast that she occasionally has moments of self doubt – but always powers through with a positive mindset.

It came as she tried to boost the confidence of listener Beverly, who has beaten breast cancer but is struggling with low self esteem.

Gemma said: "What I want to say about building your confidence. I do get you have your down days, people look at me sometimes and are like 'she's got this, she's got that, she's got the fame', but you just feel crap sometimes.

"You just feel very low sometimes. You don't feel good in yourself. There's days when I can have all my makeup done and I'm like 'I just don't feel good today'. And you don't know why, but you just feel down in yourself and ugly. Everyone has their down days."

Over the past two years Gemma has worked hard to transform her lifestyle and appearance losing an impressive three-and-a-half stone.

Regular exercise, cryotherapy, juice diets, Skinny jabs and a personal trainer are just some of the methods she has used to achieve the loss.

The GC gave Beverly an immediate confidence boost when she complimented her looks.

She said: "You look a million dollars honey, you look stunning. Unless I knew the background I would never in a million years think you'd been so poorly."

Beverly told how her mum died from cancer shortly after she had her own cancer surgery.

She felt drained by her treatment and the loss of her long blonde hair was "like taking away everything that made you feel attractive and like a woman."

After hearing about Beverly's hair loss, selfless Gemma offered to send someone to her house to fit hair tapes in time for Christmas.

The gesture went down a treat from Beverly who was left lost for words.

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