Glenn Close, Mila Kunis' 'Four Good Days' Sells to Vertical Entertainment

Rodrigo Garcia directs the film that premiered at Sundance in 2020

Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Igor Jadue Lillo.

“Four Good Days,” a drama starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis as mother and daughter that first premiered at Sundance in 2020, has been acquired for North American theatrical release by Vertical Entertainment.

Rodrigo Garcia directs the film that’s about a daughter battling demons from drug addiction who begs her estranged mother to give her one last chance and stay sober for just a few days.

Vertical Entertainment will release “Four Good Days” theatrically beginning April 30 and then release it on demand starting May 21.

The film is based on a true story Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Eli Saslow and is about 31-year-old Molly, who begs her estranged mother Deb for help fighting a fierce battle against the demons that have derailed her life. Despite all she has learned over a decade of disappointment, grief and rage, Deb throws herself into one last attempt to save her beloved daughter from the deadly and merciless grip of heroin addiction.

Kunis told TheWrap back at Sundance that in order to portray the part she was as skinny as she was when she filmed “Black Swan” and was down to as little as 95 pounds.

“I don’t know [how much weight I lost] because I don’t have a weight scale but I can tell you, based on my clothing, I was as thin as I was for ‘Black Swan,” Kunis told TheWrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven. “I was healthy in regards to the way I did it but as far as a lifestyle choice, I was like, ‘Oh this is rough.’ But it only had to be for a minute. You have to unfortunately look a certain way to look like a heroin addict so I think I did it over four months. I exercised and dieted. I felt very strong… but I was thin.”

“Four Good Days” was directed by Rodrigo Garcia and comes from a script by Saslow and Garcia. The producers are Jon Avnet, Marina Grasic, Jake Avnet, Jai Khanna and Rodrigo Garcia. The executive producers are Sage Scroope, William G. Santor, John Hills, Andrew Chang-Sang, Doug Murray, John Griffith, David Haring, Christian Mercuri and Ruzanna Kegeyan, with cinematography by Igor Jadue-Lillo, editing by Lauren Connelly, costume design by Michele Michel,and music by Ed Shearmur. The film is presented by Oakhurst Entertainment, financed by Productivity Media and produced by Indigenous Media.

“When I first read Eli’s article I was struck right away by the emotional power of the story, and by how beautifully it captured the complicated and unbreakable bond of a mother and daughter,” Garcia said in a statement. “It’s been a great journey working with Glenn so many times, and I always marvel at her artistry, intelligence, and sensibility. I never stop learning from her. And I’ve always found Mila to be an excellent actress of subtlety and complexity. Two great artists bringing us closer to what it’s really like to be in a situation that is tragically common in American families.”

“‘Four Good Days’ reunites Rodrigo and Glenn and brings in Mila Kunis, who I had the pleasure of working with as an executive producer on ‘Black Swan.’ Once again, Rodrigo creates a spell which binds these two in a messy but unforgettable relationship,” producer Jon Avnet said in a astatement.

“We are excited to share the impactful message and impeccable performances by Mila Kunis and Glenn Close in ‘Four Good Days’ with audiences this spring,” Rich Goldberg, co-president of Vertical Entertainment said in a statement. “The conversation around addiction can be complex and difficult for family members to have and we strongly feel that audiences, and most importantly families, will empathize with these characters and possibly even open up the discussion about drug abuse with one another.”

Peter Jarowey and Josh Spector negotiated the deal for Vertical Entertainment with Indigenous Media on behalf of the filmmakers.

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