GMB’s Ben Shephard on ‘naked’ viewers – and plans for ‘messy’ Christmas lunch

Good Morning Britain star Ben Shephard has revealed one of the funniest confessions he hears from viewers – that they're watching him in the nude.

The 48-year-old, who is promoting the show's 1 Million Minutes campaign with co-star Kate Garraway, spoke to OK! in an exclusive chat about how "intimate" breakfast TV can be.

“People regularly say, ‘I was naked when I saw you this morning, Ben,’ on the train or walking down the street,” Ben laughed.

“That intimacy is something we don’t take for granted. It’s an amazing time of day to work.”

Meanwhile, Kate added, "For a lot of our viewers, having us there in the morning is an incredible contact and a relationship that we’ve built up with them over decades.

“When you’re watching telly in the morning, you’re at your most vulnerable, aren’t you?” she said.

“People are in their pants, brushing their teeth – there’s something about that connection, which is very different from working on shows at other times of the day. It’s really intimate.”

As for GMB's Christmas party plans, the duo warn that the presenters' festive lunch can get "quite messy".

“Don’t trust Dr Hillary and Richard Arnold together after a couple of baby shams and eggnogs,” Ben said.

Kate heartily agreed laughing, “You’ve got the good doctor prescribing large full bodied reds and then Richard Arnold consuming them!”

The pair opened up about their working relationship, which continues to thrive.

“Everybody loves working with Ben, I’m just lucky enough that I’ve done it,” Kate said.

“We trust each other. It’s a brother-sister banter relationship, which seems to have worked. He’s like my much younger brother.”

Good Morning Britain's 1 Million Minutes campaign encourages viewers to pledge their time to fight loneliness, with Kate revealing that she was originally worried that the goal of one million minutes would be over-ambitious.

"I going, 'What if we don't reach it? It's going to be terribly disappointing.' But it just went through the roof," Kate said.

"The thing that Kate and I have come to understand is that there is nothing more valuable than time," Ben added.

"And during a cost-of-living crisis, when people are stretched anyway, the fact that people will donate their time – which is infinitely more valuable than money – to help with loneliness with various groups that we support is incredibly compelling and really rewarding."

Ben added that over 522 million minutes have been pledged since the campaign first started in 2016, helping charities like Alzheimer’s Research UK, Grief Encounter, The Chatty Cafe Scheme and Re-engage.

Good Morning Britain’s 1 Million Minutes campaign runs throughout December, asking viewers to pledge their time to help fight loneliness.

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