Great British Bake Off fans concerned as Noel Fielding misses challenge due to ‘illness’

Great British Bake Offviewers have been left concerned about Noel Fielding after he was left unable to present the last half of Tuesday night's episode.

When it came to judging the showstopper round, Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and Matt Lucas emerged without Noel in tow.

Matt then addressed the elephant in the room and told contestants that Noel felt unwell, before presenting the final part of the show on his own.

During his solo presenting, Matt also leapt into action and stopped one of Giuseppe's cakes from falling off the table.

The Little Britain actor said that Noel was “feeling a little under the weather”, before proceeding to invite Lizzie to be the first person to come and present her showstopping bake.

Expressing their worries about Noel, one person wrote on Twitter: “Me knowing Noel is healthy and well and bake off was months ago… But… IS HE OKAY??!?!”

Another person said: “Wait is noel gonna be on next week's ep of bake off bc he wasn't in the promo at all.”

A third concerned Bake Off viewer tweeted: “Hope that the lovely Noel is feeling better now.”

Several others also expressed concerns for Noel. Someone wrote: “What was wrong with Noel, he was there a minute ago having a laugh, now he’s a bit under the weather! #GBBO.”

Another person said: “Now I can’t focus on the showstoppers??!! WHERE’S NOEL, is he okay??!!”

Last night’s episode saw19 year old Freya become the fifth person to leave the tentafter German week got the better of her.

While she was eliminated from the competition, Paul applauded her getting half way through Bake Off and for creating surprisingly delicious vegan bakes.

Freya broke down in tears at the news of her elimination and was met with hugs from other bakers, as well as Prue and Paul.

The teenager has since addressed her exit. In a letter shared by the Bake Off's official Twitter, she wrote: "Golly gosh, where to start. This was by far the best experience of my life. I never imagined to meet so many incredible people in such a short amount of time.”

“I feel genuinely blessed to have had the chance to share my love of vegan baking with the world. If I have inspired just one person to give being vegan a go, that is more of a success to me than winning any day of the week,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Italian baker Giuseppe was named star baker for the second time.

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