Heartbreaking Corrie scenes as Jacob exits for good after being told he'll die

Damon Hay’s (Ciaran Griffiths) plan to smuggle drugs through the bistro in Coronation Street has seen his son, Jacob (Jack James Ryan) leave the cobbles.

Wednesday’s edition of the ITV soap saw Jacob’s paranoia grow when a sniffer dog arrived with a group of police officers, who were in the restaurant for a leaving party.

Convinced the dog would soon start doing his duty, Jacob grabbed the drugs and returned to his flat, flushing them down the toilet and fearing the secret would soon be revealed.

Of course, because some of the substance had disappeared, Jacob had to tell his dad, and he was furious.

Damon told Jacob that he had a choice – stay in Weatherfield and risk getting killed by someone in the drugs gang or leave and remain alive.

Tonight, fully aware Amy’s (Elle Mulvaney) life would also be in danger, Jacob ultimately chose to depart Weatherfield.

Because he couldn’t tell Amy the truth, Jacob’s personality changed. He told his girlfriend that all she wants is money from him and doesn’t want to live a life just being ‘part of the furniture’.

Amy grew suspicious of Jacob’s behaviour, but he wasn’t going to be swayed.

Outside, Jacob found Damon and attempted to stand up to his dad, but the evil character took control and threw Jacob to the ground, leaving him terrified.

Getting into his taxi, Jacob departed Weatherfield, but after telling Nick (Ben Price) the truth, where does this leave Damon?

Will Nick put a stop to the drug dealing?

‘It was odd because we don’t always film everything in order, so I actually filmed my final scenes two weeks before I was actually leaving’, Jack James Ryan said, reflecting on those final, emotional scenes as Jacob.

‘So, I think my last scene was this random scene with Ciaran on the street outside Underworld, just him telling Jacob to leave the factory. So, yeah, it was kind of weird. But it was good because I had that two week period to mourn the death of Jacob Hay, to mourn me leaving the show, so that was really good. It was really sweet, the last scene.

‘Elle, Harriet and James had all come in on their day off to watch me do my final scene. They gave me a massive hug at the end and Iain came out with a bottle of champagne and did a really nice speech. It was super emotional.’

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