Holby City spoilers: Jac and Kian held hostage at gunpoint – and not everyone will escape hospital alive

HOLBY City's Jac and Kian are held hostage at gunpoint during tomorrow night's episode – but will they survive?

The cardiothoracic surgeon – played by Ramin Karimloo in the medical soap – has only just started to overcome his addiction to painkillers, so things couldn't look much worse for the pair.

This weeks episode will see Sarah Jane – Kian's former drug dealer – make a return, which instantly leaves girlfriend Jac (Rosie Marce) feeling uneasy.

The seller gets herself into a bit of bother in prison, which ends up with her needing medical attention, meaning that she has to go to hospital to get sorted out.

Jac is left feeling anxious when she sees Sarah Jane and considering she's already been second guessing her relationship with Kian, things aren't looking good.

She starts to feel like the situation is spiralling out of control and that Kian could have a relapse at any point because of the temptation in front of him.

Things are made ten times worse when Sarah Jane's trouble that got her injured in the first place follows her to hospital.

And Jac and Kian are left stuck in the middle of it all – which could end up with some very deadly consequences.

The two are left scared for their lives when they see a gun held out in front of them… who will end up getting shot?

Elsewhere in Holby City Sacha starts to worry about his daughter Beka's safety when he finds out she can be discharged from hospital.

At the beginning of the year his evil fiance Jodie poisoned his daughter out of spite because she wanted to keep Sacha to herself.

The teen is well enough to return home, but wants to keep her safe in hospital where he can see her.

Beka realises that there is a lot more to her dad's worries after he lost his wife Essie on their wedding day to cancer last year.

Love is in the air at the moment in Holby City too.

Both Josh and Jeong are accused of having sexual relations with a patient

And while Josh admits to what he's done, Jeong is left looking exremel guilty.

Dom wants to get himself back into the dating world and decides to set up an app to help him find a lover with help from Alex.

Catch the next episode of Holby City tomorrow (Tuesday, January 26) at 7.50pm on BBC One.


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