Home and Away star insists ‘it’s not the end’ as Kirby suffers after explosion

Home and Away star Angelina Thompson has lifted the lid on the aftermath of the explosion that is set to rip through Summer Bay.

Over the past few months, Kirby and Marilyn have been publicly fighting skincare company Stunning Organics and are now unaware that the corrupt brand have sent them a box laced with explosives.

At the centre of the drama is Kirby, who first received the package on Friday (July 28) which is later passed around the town.

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"It’s going to be a huge episode," Angelina told Mediaweek ahead of the explosive instalment. "As the episode goes on and as the story develops, the bomb gets exchanged amongst many hands."

Fans will watch as the bomb gets passed through several homes, the surf club as well as the hands of numerous Summer Bay residents.

The actress added: "There are so many people that could be involved in this explosive episode. It’s going to shake up the Bay".

In one way or another, Kirby will suffer after the bombing and revealed there is "a lot of trauma" that follows.

She explained: “There is definitely a lot of trauma that comes from this whole experience of Stunning Organics and it’s not the end of the line for the company either with this big explosion.

"It’s the bottom of one mountain and then the beginning of another one."

The storyline has allowed Angelina to work closely with 53-year-old Emily Symons, who has played Marilyn Chambers on and off since the soap's first episode in 1989.

Angelina gushed: "It’s actually been such a gift to be able to work with Emily".

The soap star added: "Being able to do this storyline and get to know and hang out with Emily so much more has been such a treat."

When Marilyn receives word that two of her closest friends have a bomb just metres away from them, it's Mali (Kyle Shilling) who springs into action and follows the vehicle.

Screaming at them to get out of the van, they pull over just as the bomb explodes.

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