Home & Away’s explosion fallout – death fears, psychotic break and split teased

Home and Away's scorching summer storylines are well underway, with plenty of shocks in store for fans of the Channel 5 soap.

This week, Susie McAllister's body is discovered, sending shockwaves across the Bay. Simultaneously, Mia discovers she's pregnant after months of trying for a baby with Ari.

But the news pales in comparison when the food truck explodes next week, causing at least one serious injury among the Aussies and throwing Mia's pregnancy into jeopardy.

It's all hands on deck when the food truck explodes, leaving a litter of casualties scattered across the Bay.

Chloe takes the brunt of the explosion, leaving her seriously injured, and is immediately rushed to the hospital.

Chloe and Ryder split teased

Sam Barrett, who plays Chloe, says Chloe is "really setback" from what happens, but she's so "tough and determined" that it looks positive that she'll pull through.

"Though Chloe is really set back from all that has happened, she is extremely tough and determined, she won’t let this stop her, but it will put her out for a while.

"As you can expect though she will use this downtime to her advantage to plot her next move."

Chloe's partner Ryder is focused on finding his girlfriend and making sure she's safe.

Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder, admitted: "When he finds her seriously injured, he's absolutely devastated."

And the blame immediately turns to Mackenzie.

"Based on the tension between Mac and Ryder, he jumps to the conclusion that she's involved. I don't think he honestly believes that she's capable of something like that, but he's just so angry that he wants to blame someone and Mac seems like the obvious choice."

And though Lukas is confident that Ryder and Chloe's relationship can withstand the tension of the explosion, nothing's ever that simple in the Bay.

"I think Ryder and Chloe's relationship will withstand the food truck explosion," he predicted. "They are a tough couple and they have a lot of support from the Bay.

"But as with all Summer Bay relationships, there could be someone who shows up that truly tests whether they are meant for each other or not…!"

Lukas also splurged that he got involved in some of the stunt work for the explosion shoot, admitting: "It was a really long two day shoot, but it was lots of fun!

"We spent most of the days covered in dirt, real and fake, and watching the pyrotechnics come in and light everything on fire – it was pretty amazing," he added.

"I also got to do a small stunt when the truck exploded. I get pushed backwards by the explosion, and I was connected to a pulley system to simulate the blast."

Mia's baby fears

Mia is left frantic for her unborn child after the food truck explosion – especially after the loss of her son.

Actress Anna Samson, who plays Mia, said: "There is both joy and fear in this discovery. Mia sees the loss of their son as the beginning of the end of her life as she knew it, and she believes that’s why she lost Ari before.

"So to be given a second chance at both their relationship and in having their own child is incredibly high stakes for Mia," she continued.

She said the "delicate first stages of a pregnancy are fraught with fears and anxieties".

"Making sure both mum and baby are healthy is constant work for Mia and Ari, but we soon learn the pregnancy isn’t high risk."

But when the food truck explodes, Mia's mind is only filled with Chloe, as she feels "fear and absolute panic for her child".

"In the immediate aftermath of the explosion Mia is on autopilot and protection mode. Mia is terrified for her daughter and switches into primal mother mode. I wouldn’t want to get in Mia’s way when it comes to protecting Chloe."

Anna admitted that Mia is even set to blame Chloe's partner Ryder as she is "so emotional" when she learns Chloe is undergoing surgery.

Jasmine's psychotic break

When the food truck explodes, Jasmine puts her own injuries aside to help those more badly injured than she is – but when she collapses over at the surf club, it's clear something's not right.

Jasmine is rushed to hospital, and learns the effects of the blast have triggered a psychotic break which causes her to lose her memory.

Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene in the Aussie soap, explained: "Jasmine will ask a question like ‘Irene have you been down to the police station yet?’ and then Irene of course would answer it, then less than five minutes later she would ask the same question again.

"Jasmine keeps wanting to know what she is in hospital for, Dr Christian is very dismayed and can’t work out what’s wrong with her and of course Irene is very concerned for her because Jasmine previously had depression when Robbo died and so Jasmine is quite delicate at the moment."

But actress Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine, hopes there'll be some time for romance in the future for Jas.

"I think it’s time for Jas to have some light in her life – and maybe some romance too!" she gushed.

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