Homophobe Colin disowns Marshall after he comes out as gay in Emmerdale

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) saved Marshall (Max Fletcher) from his homophobic and abusive father, Colin (Mark Nobel), during tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.

We first met Marshall a few months ago. After initially taking part in a prank that left Arthur (Alfie Clarke) humiliated, the two friends spent time together and discovered there was chemistry growing.

As time passed, Arthur and Laurel became a support network for Marshall, as they learnt his father, Colin, was a nasty homophobe.

Tonight, it became apparent that Colin had not only been hurting Marshall verbally, but physically too, as Laurel arrived at his house and discovered bruising on the teen’s arm.

Laurel wanted to know why Colin was so determined to have Marshall sent back to boarding school, fully aware a different environment wouldn’t change how he feels.

Colin believed that it’s his duty to keep Marshall on the ‘straight and narrow’, but a confident Laurel reminded him that all he needs to do as a father is ‘love and accept’ his son for who he is.

After Laurel saw the injuries on Marshall, she decided that he would be coming home with her.

With Marshall watching, Laurel confronted Colin, telling him ‘You’re nothing but a bully and a bigot and I’ve seen you for the hypocrite that you are’.

As Marshall returned, he came out to his dad.

While Laurel smiled, proud of him, Colin was disgusted and disowned Marshall, telling him that his mother would be ashamed.

A tearful Marshall apologised but Laurel told him ‘You have nothing to be sorry about’.

Attempting to gain control one final time, Colin threatened his son and said he wouldn’t be welcome in his home if he was to walk out with Laurel.

Marshall’s reply?


When Laurel returned to HOP, Jai (Chris Bisson) and Arthur were surprised to see Marshall in the back of the car.

Laurel told Marshall that while their house is small and it will be a little bit cramped, there is one vital difference – the people around him will make him feel loved, safe, and accepted.

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