Horrific death confirmed as evil Stephen kills again in Coronation Street

It was only a matter of time, but the increasingly unhinged Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is about to kill again as the Coronation Street killer claims his second victim.

Stephen’s first murder was Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), who chose the factory gantry as a sensible place to confront Stephen with his suspicions that he was plotting to steal Audrey (Sue Nicholls)’s money and sell her house.

Stephen responded to that by attacking his accuser, banging his head on a railing. Leo fell from the gantry, conveniently landing in a bin where he remained until Stephen disposed of his body.

Leo was missed, of course, not least by Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) who was hoping to emigrate to Canada with him, and by his father Teddy (Grant Burgin). Teddy in particular has made it his business to investigate what might have happened to his son, and he actually worked out that it was something to do with Stephen – only to have his memory handily (for Stephen) erased when he was hit by a van.

Stephen knows that as soon as Teddy’s memory returns he’s going to be in big trouble, and that’s exactly what happens in an upcoming episode.

Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) makes a chance remark to Teddy that sparks something in his memory, and it’s not long before he’s heading off to confront Stephen with what he’s recalled.

He accuses Stephen of being behind Leo’s disappearance and says he can remember every word of the conversation they were having before his accident. Wanting to keep him quiet, Stephen says they should go inside the factory to talk about it.

As it becomes clear that Teddy is getting perilously close to the truth and plans to go to the police with what he knows, a desperate Stephen whacks him over the head – silencing him for good.

How will Stephen cover his tracks this time?

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