How old is Marcus from Ginny and Georgia?

Ginny & Georgia: Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry star in trailer

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Ginny and Georgia is a popular Netflix series following teenager Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry) and her 30-year-old mother, Georgia (Brianne Howey). Georgia is determined to create a fresh start for her family and she moved house to escape her demons. Her daughter Ginny formed a relationship with their new neighbour, Marcus (Felix Mallard), and fans are keen to know how old he is.

How old is Marcus from Ginny and Georgia?

Ginny and Georgia left fans with many questions and a hunger for a second season following its dramatic ending.

The teen drama series saw Ginny make new friends as she started at a brand new school.

She became one of the popular students and befriended her neighbour Marcus, who developed romantic feelings for her.

Ginny and Marcus were caught up in a love triangle with fellow student, Hunter (Mason Temple), who also liked Ginny.

The troubled teen ended up having sex with Marcus following a date with Hunter, and it put a strain on their relationship.

Marcus had tried to make amends with Ginny at the end, but she brushed him off so she could escape with her younger brother, Austin (Diesel La Torraca).

As Ginny is 15 at the start of the series, Marcus is likely to be around the same age.

Actor Mallard is 22 in real life, so he was playing a much younger character in the Netflix series.

The star spoke to Man About Town about his latest role and he called Marcus a “complex and vulnerable character”.

He said he was able to understand Marcus’s anxiety as he remembered being “very angry about everything at that age”.

The star shared some behind the scenes photos on his Instagram account and fans said they were “in love” with his character.

He asked fans: “Who is ready to meet Marcus?” ahead of the series debut and one fan responded: “Just saw the first episode, wrapped me directly around your finger.”

Some viewers have gone as far as to say he is the “best character of the show”.

They are hoping the series is renewed for a second season so they can see the relationship between Ginny and Marcus develop.

Hopefully, he will be the one to track Ginny down after she escaped on his motorbike, heading out into the unknown.

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Another fan said on Twitter: “I’m addicted! Love each episode, really need season 2.”

They have also taken to Reddit to discuss his character and they picked up on the fact he was riding a motorbike before his 16th birthday.

One said: “I really wish they had given more background into that other than ‘he’s too young to ride it’. I don’t remember anyone saying where he got it.

“I doubt his parents bought it and he didn’t give any inclination that he’d work and save for something like that. Maybe before his friend passed away?”

Other viewers have highlighted his emotional vulnerability following the death of one of his best friends.

One Reddit user said: “We all do things and say things we regret later on- and it makes sense he is a teen and does not know the consequences of his actions.

“But this is not a good attitude to keep and not a good coping mechanism in the future. I’m not sure when else Marcus has shown this- but I hope he does not keep doing reckless behaviours and continues seeing his therapist.”

Fans are torn between Team Marcus and Team Hunter, and they are keen to see who Ginny ends up with in future.

They have noticed the genuine chemistry between Ginny and Marcus and hope they are able to rekindle their relationship.

Ginny and Georgia is streaming on Netflix now.

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