Iggy Azalea appears unrecognizable with her new red hair and fans claim she looks just like cartoon Jessica Rabbit

IGGY Azalea showed off her new, long red hair on Monday to reveal she had a new perfume dropping on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old rapper looked unrecognizable with full, dark makeup and her red hair in soft waves, leading fans to think she resembles cartoon Jessica Rabbit.

The Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and Who Framed Roger Rabbit character is known for having red hair parted over to one side, with one of her eyes mostly covered by the luscious strands.

She wears tight clothing over her hourglass figure and does up her makeup with pink sparkly eyeshadow and red lips, just as Iggy did in her new videos.

Teasing that the cartoon character is what she was going for, she captioned a clip of her in the look: “I’m not bad – I’m just drawn that way.

“Feeling hype and nervous as hell all day long. Cant really believe my fragrance company launches tomorrow, never kept a secret so long in my life lmaoooo.”

Fans bombarded the comments section to let the Australian artist know just how much they love the latest change to her appearance and that they understood her inspiration.

“Yesssica rabbit 😍🔥,” one Instagram user wrote, while another called her the “real life version of Jessica Rabbit 🐰.”

Others asked: “Jessica Rabbit who 😍”  and “Jessica rabbit much?”

Followers told Iggy that she gave off major “Jessica Rabbit Vibes” and that she’s the cartoon woman come to life.

A few had other ideas of who the rapper looked like, including Ariel from The Little Mermaid and the DC character Poison Ivy.

Sitting in a white bathrobe and full makeup in her Instagram Stories, Iggy shared: “I’m dropping my first fragrance tomorrow, and it’s called Devils Advocate, and it’s amazing.”

She later switched into a casual red top, to match her hair, and black pants, to give fans an “early look” at what the frangrance looks like, which is a black box with red and pink imagery on the front.

“I wanted this perfume to be that thing that gives you that boost of confidence,” she explained, before adding: “I love the bottle, it’s really chic.”

The number one thing that fans will be able to smell when spraying the fragrance, Iggy shared, is the “Australian sandalwood.”

The mother-of-one, who revealed last June that she'd welcomed son Onyx with Playboi Carti, last showed a dramatic hair change in October when she shaved her head.

She had the stylist leave behind just a bright red buzzcut.

The pretty Australian, who usually has long blonde hair, looked stunning with her striking new style, which she shared to Instagram live.

She captioned it: "Just shaving my wig wbu?"

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