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CHANNEL 5's new drama series Riptide has left fans on edge.

After one of the main characters mysteriously disappears, viewers have been left wondering if it's a true story.

Is Riptide a true story?

The series follows the life of Alison, played by former EastEnders star, Jo Joyner.

She has just married Sean Weston, played by former Neighbours star Peter O'Brien.

In the series, the newlyweds are based in Australia.

Alison's husband mysteriously disappears after his morning surf.


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Filming locations for Channel 5 series Riptide

This raises her concern about what has happened to him and whether he disappeared in the riptide or there is more to that.

The story has grabbed Channel 5 viewers but actually Riptide is not based on a true story.

It was created and written by Jason Herbison, who was the executive producer on Aussie soap Neighbours.

Is Riptide based on a book?

While many great TV series are often based on a book, this one is not.

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The script of Riptide was written entirely by the show's writers.

The series was created by Jason Herbison,and was written by Margaret Wilson and Anthony Ellis.

It was commissioned after the success of the 2021 Channel 5 drama series, Lie With Me.

Who is in the cast of Riptide?

The leading role is played by Jo Joyner as Alison.

Fans will immediately recognise her, as Joyner has appeared in EastEnders, Shakespeare & Hathaway and many other productions.

Also appearing in the series is Neighbours star Peter O'Brien in the role of Sean Weston, Alison's husband.

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Jo Joyner as Alison Weston
  • Peter O'Brien as Sean Weston
  • Ciarán Griffiths as Michael Lane
  • David Berry as Dan Burrell
  • Ben Turland as Ethan Weston
  • Asher Yasbincek as Hannah Lane
  • Ally Fowler as Rachel Weston
  • Pia Miranda as Jenny Clark
  • Yazeed Daher as Logan Williams
  • Benjamin Samaddar as Jesse Patel
  • Sonya Suares as Sergeant Bhromik
  • Max Brown as Finn Baker
  • Patrick Harvey as Andrew White
  • Patrick Williams as Philip Eldersly
  • Emma Choy as Naomi Burrell
  • Toby Lang as Constable Lang
  • Ashley Stocco as Detective Abela
  • Adam McConvell as Detective da Silva
  • Judy Baumont as Sara
  • Hannah Ogawa as Melody Ling

When is Riptide on TV?

Riptide premiered on December 27, 2022, on Channel 5 and will continue to air until December 30, 2022, at 9pm.

The episodes are also available on Channel 5's website.

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