ITV Big Brother’s Jordan opens up on dad’s tragic death and admits ‘I didn’t go to his funeral’

Big Brother star Jordan opened up to his fellow housemates Trish and Matty about his father's tragic death during Thursday night's episode.

The fan-favourite housemate, 26, was asked if had any siblings to which he responded that he has numerous half-siblings whom he doesn't know, quipping that his father was "quite generous with his sperm."

Asked more about his father, Jordan replied he was a "retired heroin addict" which left his friends rather confused before he clarified that his father had died of an overdose.

Trish and Matty were both left shocked at Jordan's admission and at his dark humour when discussing his tragic experiences.

Jordan told the pair he hadn't attended his dad's funeral, and had no idea if he even had one.

Since entering the iconic Big Brother house Jordan has fast become a favourite with viewers thanks to his dry and sarcastic nature.

And before entering, Jordan explained why he applied for the show: "Well, I love the show. I was quite disillusioned with life so I suppose boredom made me apply to some extent. I honestly applied on a whim.

"I'm interested in the social experiments side of Big Brother. I don't really like the idea of living with people but I thought I might as well give it a try. And I wanted to challenge myself."

Speaking about what he would do with the prize money if he won the show, Jordan said: "Probably rent in Kensington for a month or two, and have a shopping spree in Harrods."

In recent days Jordan has found himself in something of an awkward love triangle with Matty and Henry.

Since the show started, Henry and Jordan have remained close with the pair often referring to each other as 'husbands', but in the last few days, viewers have noticed that Matty has been getting closer to Jordan.

Ex-housemate Zak Srakaew, who became the second evictee from the series, has since opened up to OK! about the brewing love triangle, telling us: "I've been keeping up and watching the love triangle.

"I've seen Matty and Jordan chatting, then Henry coming in to interrupt. It's quite fascinating to watch."

Zak also addressed the fact that Matty is an open relationship with his boyfriend on the outside world.

"Matty is just one of those guys who is nice to everyone," Zak continued. "I think there are moments when Matty does try to shut down Jordan though because he has a boyfriend. He speaks really highly of him and is always talking about him."

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