ITV Emmerdale fans spot mystery person in background during Kim and Craig showdown

Emmerdale fans were left scratching their heads during Thursday's episode when they noticed a mystery person in the background of Kim Tate and Craig Reed's intense face-off.

In the latest episode, Lydia Dingle kept grilling her family after discovering that her attacker Craig was found lifeless in a field. This week, the Dingle family are at the heart of the drama in special episodes filled with betrayal and secrets, all taking place at a lock-in at the Woolpack.

Lydia, who was attacked by Craig, is trying to figure out where her family members were on the night Craig met his end.

Wednesday's episode ended with Sam Dingle ready to spill a secret, and on Thursday he confessed that he was the one who ended Craig's life after a fight, following holding him captive in an old barn. He even offered to turn himself into the police. But as the Dingles tried to help Sam come up with a cover story, Cain looked suspicious, something that didn't go unnoticed by his brother Caleb Milligan, especially since Cain had asked him to lie about his alibi.

Over at Home Farm, where Craig's body was discovered, Kim Tate was assisting the police with their investigation, noting that her beloved horse had gone missing. Later, a flashback revealed that Kim had found a wounded Craig stumbling around her field while she was out riding her horse.

Craig shouted for help, but Kim, who is close to Lydia, didn't lend a hand. As Kim tried to ride away, Craig blocked her path and grabbed the horse's reins. This startled the horse, causing it to rear up and kick Craig. Kim yelled: "What the hell do you think you're doing!"

Later, she let her horse run free for safety reasons, explaining why her horse was missing earlier in the episode. But viewers were distracted by a mysterious figure crouching in the corner of the scene.

One viewer tweeted: "Who the f**k is that? # emmerdale" with a screenshot of the moment. Another joked: "OMG!! Is that Craig's Killer??" The surprises continued later in the episode when it was revealed that Cain had been on the field when Craig was hit by the horse.

Cain stopped Kim from calling an ambulance and urged her to leave as if nothing had happened. They decided to leave Craig's lifeless body in the field without touching it or calling for help. Cain then walked away, and Kim rode off on her horse before setting it free.

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