ITV I’m A Celeb’s Fred Sirieix reveals secret health emergency and how medic rushed to help

While he appeared to be having the time of his life in the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! camp, Fred Sirieix actually had a secret emergency whilst on the show.

The TV Personality, 51, has revealed that the Australian rainstorms caused problems in camp and gave him Trench Foot – a condition caused by prolonged exposure to a cold temperature that is usually damp.

While the camp usually has as little interaction with the outside world as possible, this left production with no choice. Fred, who was third to be eliminated, explained: "We had torrential rain for the first two weeks, it was nonstop.

"My foot got infected, I got burns everywhere my legs, I’ve had cuts, I’ve had splinters We had an incredible medic, Paul, this man is unbelievable. I had things on my feet and he gave me some stuff, a cream, this guy is unbelievable."

Showing his gratitude, he continued: "It was a week and half in. I told him, we have producers we talk to in the Bush Telegraph and I told them, please go to Paul and tell him how thankful and grateful I am because this man – I love professionals who can do a job well. It is like a good plumber."

Fred, who was often seen working out in camp, reconnected with medic Paul after leaving the camp, when he had an assessment which revealed some weight loss.

"He is the man who assessed me today and I thanked him again. I was 76.6 kilos when I went in, I was the fittest I have ever been, physically and psychologically – I have trained and prepared for this. The focus has balanced me out in a way I have never been before in my life.

"In the jungle, because you are on rice and beans, first I lost a lot of fat but I lost a bit of muscle as well. But the muscle quality has gone up because I was very physically active. I lost 5 kilos (11lbs) I am so fit."

Food in the camp was quite the source of controversy for Fred, who is a trained chef. While he took to the helm of cooking duties at the beginning, these were then passed on to presenter Josie Gibson.

But unhappy with her performance as camp chef, Fred was seen offering Josie advice which was often unsolicited, causing tension between the two.

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