James Argent denies he's back with Gemma Collins but admits he's 'jealous' of her 'sex tape'

JAMES Argent denied he's back with ex Gemma Collins – but admits he's "jealous" of her "sex tape".

The Towie star, 33, revealed he's "unblocked" his former co-star, 40, from his phone.

Arg – who appeared to talk about his weight loss surgery – denied rumours they've got back together, though they remain in contact.

Talking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, he said: "Yeah, we’re not officially back together.

"It’s impossible to be in a relationship bear in mind I can’t meet anyone outside of my house. On a positive note, she is no longer blocked on my phone.

"We’re friends at the moment and we have been in contact. Whatever happens between me and Gemma, we’ve been through a hell of a lot and we’re always going to be close."

Gemma and Arg faced a very public and nasty split last year in which the Towie star branded her a "hippo".

However, pals said earlier this year the pair are "spending every waking moment together".

Arg was also asked about Gemma's alleged sex tape – which she admitted to having to Piers Morgan on his show, Life Stories.

The reality star said she was going to delete it after wanting to sell it for £1million if she ever fell on hard times.

When pressed by the GMB hosts, James said the sex tape was not of him – but he was "jealous" of the person in it.

He said: "Unfortunately for everyone at home, if she had made a sex tape, it certainly wasn’t with me. I’m not too sure a sex tape with me and Gemma would go for.

"I did watch the Life Stories, I was amused to say the least about the sex tape. I got a little bit jealous or I might have to ask Gemma to show me. Maybe she had made one and maybe she got a bit of backlash and now she's said she doesn't have one."

Gemma said on Dave's new comedy show Unforgiveable that the sex tape was a "big fat lie".

She said: “So basically, I said in an interview once, thinking it
was funny, that I’d done a sex tape like Kim K. Didn’t think any more
of it.

“Next thing, I’m being interviewed by Piers Morgan on Life Stories and
he leads me in it.

“I thought, “S**t”. But now I’m in deep. I’ve got myself in hot water.

“There is no sex tape. It’s just one big fat lie.”

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