Jeopardy! fans react to Mayim Bialik's guest host debut after she steps into late star Alex Trebek's shoes

JEOPARDY! viewers have been treated to a series of guest hosts ever since iconic long-time presenter Alex Trebek passed away, the latest being actress Mayim Bialik. 

The star, 45, has begun her two-week stint at the quiz show's lectern and fans are already calling for her to be made a permanent fixture.

Taking center stage on Jeopardy! from May 31 to June 11, fans rushed to show their support for Mayim after her first show.

One viewer wrote while watching: "Mayim Bialik should be the permanent host of #Jeopardy. There isn't a man out there who would be able to replace Alex Trebek! Let's go in another direction with an intelligent, funny and all around entertaining woman!"

"Great job to Mayim Bialik on guest host Jeopardy today and I'm so proud of you now," added another.

A third agreed, writing: "Mayim Bailik hosting #jeopardy. I think she's the best one yet."

"Mayim for permanent host!!," cheered a fourth.

Mayim is best known for her award-winning role as Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, and is currently starring in Call Me Kat on Fox which she also executive produces.

A number of big name celebrities have been filling in as host following the death of Alex, who passed away from stage four pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020.

Ahead of her slot, Mayim told People: "There's a lot of responsibility that falls on the host.

"I think also there's a lot of iconic pressure. When I was looking over some of the scripts, I was thinking, how would Alex [Trebek] say this?

"And that's probably not who I'm expected to be, Alex Trebek, but in my head, I am Alex Trebek – that's who I want to be."

She added: "It wasn't like, a cultural cornerstone of my parents' and my life growing up, but obviously I've watched it.

"I've been an answer, I think two or three times, which is crazy."

Mayim also said that she feels "a lot of responsibility" toward the role.

She told the outlet: "The idea is not to bring my personality to Jeopardy!, it's to provide a service as the host for those episodes to the best of my ability, and mostly to rock a blazer.

"I need 10 outfits, so finding 10 blazers, and I think we're there."

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