Kate Garraway struggled to sleep after row with GMB guest over vaccine passport amid husband Derek’s Covid battle

KATE Garraway struggled to sleep after her row with a Good Morning Britain guest over vaccine passports amid her husband Derek's Covid battle.

The presenter, 53, told her co-host Ben Shephard that she told the team to put "extra sugar" in her coffee as she struggled to get off last night.

This comes after Kate's row with commentator Dominique Samuels, 22, who claimed vaccine passports was effectively mandating the jabs in the UK.

Kate told Ben today: "There is a lot going on with my hair this morning, Ben…

"I did say to our team, please can you put some extra sugar in my coffee this morning, I am going to need it.

"I haven't had a lot of sleep, the hair has exploded, it's going to be a fun morning for you, Ben."

Kate's explosive row came as Foreign Secretary Dominc Raab said proposals to introduce documents to let immunised Brits lead a normal life are “under consideration”.

Speaking yesterday on GMB, Dominique said: "It's a ridiculous idea for a few reasons, and I can't believe we're even having this conversation.

"But the first thing, we're de facto mandating by deciding who can and can't do things in society such as bars and restaurants when the government has said we'd never go down the road of mandating vaccines. This is mandating vaccines just through the backdoor.

"What is even the point of the vaccination programme when our most vulnerable on society that account for 80-90 per cent of our hospitalisations and deaths will be protected by the vaccines, why then do we need to go down the route of excluding other people from society and stop them from using other facilities?

"This is essentially creating a class of two people within society: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, and this will greatly impact young people."

She went on to say the younger generations will be unable to play a part in getting the economy moving again, despite having had their own prospects slashed by the virus fallout.

The heated debate also saw Dominique accuse Kate of being pro passport, snapping "well you keep interrupting me".

Kate argued: "There are people who don't want to take the vaccine but you know we're in a situation where we're all having to do things we'd rather not do…

"We don't want to stay at home, we don't want to be in lockdown, a lot of people don't want to wear masks, a lot people don't want to do all sorts of things.

"We'd love to go see our loved ones, but we can't. We'd love to go visit the people in hospital, there are many, many sacrifices people are making."

She concluded: "The argument would be… that if you choose not to have the vaccine, that is your choice, but it has consequences."

Watching from home, fellow GMB host Piers Morgan wrote: "I think Dominique should surrender her normal passport.

"It’s ‘ridiculous’ that she should be mandated to use one before she flies & a terrible attack on her freedom. Hand it back, Dominique and enjoy your freedom never to travel again."

Meanwhile, Kate's husband Derek is still in intensive care a year after contracting coronavirus.

Kate only recently returned to Good Morning Britain after revealing that she'd been given extended time off because she'd been struggling to sleep.

Derek and Kate married in 2005 and are mum and dad to 14-year-old Darcey as well as Billy, with the two children able to visit him in hospital shortly before Christmas for the first time.

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