King Charles ‘won’t watch’ explosive Harry and Meghan documentary

Harry and Meghan: King Charles will 'pass' on series says Brandreth

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On Tuesday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, hosts Jon Kay and Sally Nugent brought guest Gyles Brandreth onto the show. Speaking about his upcoming book on the late Queen Elizabeth II, the conversation quickly moved onto the upcoming documentary from the Sussexes. The journalist shared his thoughts on how he believes King Charles will react ahead of its release.

This week, a new trailer for Harry and Meghan’s upcoming Netflix documentary was released showing snippets of what viewers can expect to see in the explosive series.

Across six episodes, it will follow the couple’s journey from their early days together right up to the challenges they faced which resulted in them resigning from their roles as working members of the Royal Family.

Due to his close friendships with members of the Royal Family, Jon spoke to Gyles Brandreth to get his thoughts on the documentary.

He said: “The King, whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet and know. I know one of the things is he doesn’t watch much television.

“He’s missing a treat here! He doesn’t watch much television, whereas the Queen did and her mother did, but he doesn’t.

“So I think he will pass this by, he will rise above it and on we go.”

The BBC Breakfast host highlighted that, at the moment, King Charles is a newly appointed monarch who is trying to set the tone as sovereign.

Gyles commented: “It’s so frustrating!”

The journalist detailed some of the things the Queen had put in place before her death for a smooth transition for Charles as monarch.

He mentioned the title that would be given to Queen Consort Camilla along with Charles becoming her successor as head of the Commonwealth.

Gyles said: “It began so well, she was 96, a good age having lived a long full life. The King I think assumed his post very effectively.

“So, this is a distraction but the story of the Royal Family is distractions, coping with them and you’ve just got to keep going.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jon asked Gyles what he believed Queen Elizabeth would have thought about the upcoming documentary.

Gyles remarked: “She loved him and she admired him, with the Invictus games and she loved and welcomed Meghan.

“She said to Meghan you can carry on being an actress, she wanted to help and she was positive.

“But, their rule would be, ‘Don’t talk in public, what’s to be gained by it?’”

He told Jon and Sally the Netflix documentary would’ve saddened the Queen, however, she always took the long view of things.

Gyles continued: “She was brought up in the 1930s when there was all the hoo-ha about the abdication, in the 1950s there was all this fuss about her sister wanting to marry an older man who had been married before.

“So, in the long view, she would have just said, ‘Well, these things happen, this too will pass.'”

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