Kristen Stewart Can’t Wait to Direct ‘The Chronology of Water’ Adaptation: It’s ‘So Fiercely, Ragingly Female’

What do you do after you’ve played a princess, a vampire, and an Angel?

If you’re the multi-faceted Kristen Stewart, you turn to both writing and directing. The “Spencer” star confirmed she wants to direct “so badly” during Variety‘s Actors on Actors interview with Nicole Kidman.

“I’ve adapted a memoir by a novelist named Lidia Yuknavitch, and we just cast the lead role, which is monumentally relieving,” Stewart said of upcoming film “The Chronology of Water.” “I’ve been alone with this, in this vacuum, and it’s so nice to give something to someone, a friend and a partner, and say, ‘Help me.’ She’s the one who’s going to have to do it, and it’s really hard, so I’m over the moon.”

Stewart noted production is “in process,” while IMDb already lists her as the official director for pre-production. The star has not yet been announced.

“I talked to someone with a lot of money two days ago, and she seemed excited about the prospect, but I want it to be small,” Stewart explained. “I think the best version of it really is. The freezing water that I’m going to throw this girl into, I already feel terrible. It’s such a huge ask to invite someone onto this particular thing.”

To Kidman, Stewart added, “I think you would love it. The writing is so physical and so fiercely, ragingly female.”

“The Chronology of Water” focuses on Yuknavitch coming to terms with her bisexuality, addiction issues, and involvement with the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement opposing Israeli oppression of Palestine, according to the official film description.

Stewart first publicly became attached to the project in 2018, confirming in a Cannes Film Festival interview that Yuknavitch’s prose was deeply personal to her: “She’s in my blood,” Stewart said at the time, “and I knew that before I met her. As soon as I met her it was like we started this race without any sense of competition…My only goal is just to finish the screenplay and hire a really spectacular actor: I’m going to write the best fucking female role. I’m going to write a role that I want so badly but that I’m not going to play.”

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