Lauren Goodger kept pregnancy a secret from her dad amid feud – and fortune teller says she’ll have baby girl

LAUREN Goodger's dad will have found out about her pregnancy the same way everyone else did – by reading about it.

The former TOWIE star has been estranged from her dad for years, to the point she did not even let him know she was expecting her first baby with new boyfriend Charles Drury.

"I was a daddy's girl and I'm not going to slag him off as a person, but our relationship was when I went on Towie… our relationship fizzled out," Lauren told New magazine.

"I haven't told him, so he's going to find out here – like everyone else."

Lauren explained it was a "conscious decision" not to tell her dad because she drew a line in the sand when it came to her family.

"I'm not making any more effort as the family have no effort with me," she said.

The reality star also revealed that after she last spoke about him publicly in December, her dad had still not contacted her.

Lauren admitted he would be "really gutted" to not be a part of the child's life and she would be shocked if he never made any contact in the future.

"He's the grandad of my baby and I want him to be there, but I just want to be strong with it and think, 'no, this is about me now and my child," she said.

"But I'm not the one who's going to be making any moves. I do feel really sad about it."

Lauren also revealed the couple have chosen a girl's name already and it has "something to do" with roses after a fortune teller predicted she would have a girl.

"In the past I've had fortune readings and they've always said, 'you're going to get your little Rose,' because my middle name is Rose," she explained.

"Although the name we've chosen isn't Rose, it's got something to do with that."

Lauren has spoken about being estranged from much of her family in the past, explained her dad has gone to such lengths to avoid her, he's even unfollowed her on social media.

Speaking to new! magazine, the 34-year-old revealed: "'I WhatsApped my dad three weeks ago and he sill hasn't replied so I can't really be bothered with him."

Delving deeper into their difficult relationship, she added: "'I speak to my mum's side and my sister and their kids but I WhatsApped my dad three weeks ago and he sill hasn't replied…

"He unfollowed me on social media. I don't understand their problems. It's been like this for years. The more effort I make the more I feel like I'm being set up to fail.

"He WhatsApped me on my birthday at 5.30pm and said, 'Happy birthday kid'. I wasn't even going to reply but I was in happy mode."

Lauren and Charles – who dated Katie Price in 2019 – have enjoyed a whirlwind romance, with the beauty moving him into her Essex home after just three weeks of dating.

Meanwhile, Lauren's most recent romance before Charles was with jailbird Joey Morrison for two years, which she has since admitted regretting.

The star's longest relationship was the 11 years she spent with Mark Wright, whom she began dating when they were 15.

And she also dated Jake McLean on and off between 2012 and 2016.

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