Love Islanders spill show secrets – from villa days off to split up meal times

As we say prepare to say goodbye to another jam-packed series of Love Island, show legends Georgia Steel and Michael Griffiths have given OK! their thoughts on this summer’s instalment.

The former islanders certainly made waves during their respective appearances, which saw Georgia suffer the emotional wrath of Casa Amor before making an impressive bounce back in 2018, while Michael made it seven weeks in the famous villa a year later – having his fair share of explosive moments.

While love may not have blossomed in the villa for Michael, he exclusively reveals that he is now happily loved up with a gorgeous girlfriend. Georgia, on the other hand, isn’t ruling out a return to the villa one day as she searches for the one.

Remaining solid fans of the ITV2 show, the duo have teamed up with Subway, Love Island’s official lunch partner, to debrief on this season’s drama together. Here, Michael spills on what really happens behind the scenes while Georgia admits the show may not be quite as genuine these days…

Hi guys! What have you thought of Love Island this season?

Michael: I have been enjoying it because I’ve been watching the whole season for the first time in a while. I view the show in another way now because it’s been a while since I was actually on it. I’m really invested, Tyrique was my favourite from the start.

Georgia: It’s been really nice to watch it and to chat with Michael about our opinions on what’s going on, it makes it fun. I have really liked Whitney, she’s level-headed and honest.

Do you often have different opinions on what’s happening?

Georgia: We usually have quite similar views but It’s also nice to challenge each other on some things.

Michael: Sometimes, but we always come to the same conclusion even if we start by disagreeing.

Georgia: He’s always able to push me to the other side, somehow!

Is it strange to watch after being on it yourself?

Georgia: A little. You watch it through a different lens because you have more of an understanding of things. But you still have that same excitement and drama, you just know more. Saying that. I can’t bring myself to watch my own season, it makes me cringe!

Michael: You definitely watch it differently once being on, you wonder what’s going on during the other hours of the day rather than just that hour you see.

How about you two, any romance on the cards for either of you?

Michael: I’ve been in a happy relationship for over a year now. I keep it private and don’t feel the need to put it on social media or scream it from the top of the hills. Everybody in my personal life knows and that’s all that matters. I feel like, people see something good and want to destroy it.

Georgia: I’m single and looking for something more serious now and genuine since I’m 25, I was only 19 when I went on the show so I was really different and just young.

Would either of you pull a Kady McDermott and re-enter the villa as a bombshell?

Georgia: I would definitely be open and optimistic about it because I am single. But, I feel like it would be quite hard to go in there knowing that you’ve been through the experience already. I wouldn’t be stimulated by conversations with other islanders because there wouldn’t be much to connect between my lifestyle and someone who hasn’t already experienced it.

Michael: I’m in a different space in life at the moment, I feel like it wouldn’t be fun anymore. I’ve done that experience before and I wouldn’t want to tarnish that by trying to make it better. Also, I don’t think my girlfriend would be happy about it.

How was it for your family and friends when you went on the show?

Michael: My family handled it really well, I have to give props to the ITV team because they really helped me and my family. People were trying to say some awful things that just weren’t true about me but my parents managed to adjust and were supportive. I also have the type of friends where you don’t have to talk all the time, but you’re always there for each other, which is nice.

Georgia: I come from a farm so it’s not something that’s normal around where I’m from, but, I have always been involved in performing arts so I think my parents weren’t surprised. I made a real effort to keep the same friends that I had before the show too, I think friendships are so important and it has actually made us closer.

Do you think Love Island is as genuine now as it used to be?

Georgia: Before my season, the show didn’t really take off as much. When I went in, I didn’t really have many expectations and just thought ‘Why not?’. But since the show has taken off I do feel like there is an expectation now because people know how big the show is.

Michael: I agree, I think that is an element of it that it never used to be. It is in the back of people’s minds that it’ll probably boost their profile. Whereas during my and Georgia’s two seasons, it was just people going in for a good time and if you meet someone then great, if not then you don’t.

Is there anything about villa life that fans would be surprised to know?

Michael: The day off!

Georgia: In my series, the boys and girls ate separately at meal times so we didn’t talk about any drama, which you didn’t see.

Michael: Oh, everyone ate together in mine. But, people were there to make sure we didn’t talk about anything that they wanted fans to see.

Tell us more about the day off, what happens then?

Michael: They separate boys and girls on the day off and give us the day to just sit around and relax, they let us listen to music which you don’t usually get in the villa. If you want just to sit alone, you can, which is nice. It’s a down day where they bring you some nice food and relax.

Georgia: Yeah, we got that too.

Rita Ora and Ne-Yo played in the Love Island villa this year, do you have any dream performers for the show?

Georgia: I would love to see Eminem perform in the Love Island villa.

Michael: Can you imagine? That would be so random!

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