Love Island's Amy Hart reveals she's had her eggs frozen due to family history of early menopause

LOVE Island Amy Hart revealed she's had her eggs frozen due to a family history of early menopause.

The reality star, 28, says her third batch of eggs were successfully frozen by doctors on Thursday.

Amy said she had five eggs in a freezer for 10 years with the potential to freeze four more.

The star shared a photo of herself in a hospital gown throwing up a peace sign.

She captioned the pic: "And it’s done ✅ 2 failed rounds and one successful one, the eggs are finally FROZEN.

"When I went for my fertility MOT last January I never actually imagined I’d get the slightly iffy results I got.

"Then I thought, it’s fine, I’ll just freeze my eggs, easy, I’ll defo get 15 or so and it’ll take 2 weeks….WRONG! First round I did my 2 injections a day, the hormones, the headaches and nausea only to get to the day before and my procedure be abandoned because there was only one viable egg to be collected.

"I was devastated and ate my way round Victoria station and had a little cry on the train. Told myself I had 2 weeks to recuperate and get ready for the next round which would definitely work…wrong again!

"Went back and didn’t have enough follicles to start with so was postponed once again. All whilst trying to work and not catch the rona (you can get all the way to the end and if you test positive your procedure is cancelled….all whilst the bills are racking up.)

"No alcohol, no fizzy, melatonin every night and 3litres of water a day must have helped (along with the massive increase in medication…??) and I’ve managed to freeze five eggs….not as many as I had hoped and it certainly wasn’t the easy road I was expecting but it’s done and my little safety net is in place.

"Anyway, I think the way the universe works is that now I’ve spent all that money I meet the love of my life and have 6 kids naturally yeah?"

Amy – who appeared on the 2019 version of Love Island – has previously said she'll be an amazing mum.

She also said she doesn't need a man to become a parent.

Speaking to The Sun earlier this year, the star said: "I feel like because I am absolutely fine being a solo parent, I have so many friends that have ended up solo parents through no fault of their own, they haven’t planned it.

"They’re absolutely bossing it and if you look at really strong mums like Lydia Bright and Ferne McCann – they’re absolutely smashing it. You don’t need a man at all.

"I’m such a control freak. I have a fear that people are going to let me down.

"If I get to 35 and I haven’t met someone then I’ll have a baby. But if I meet someone at 34 and then we split up after two or three years and I haven’t had a baby, my eggs would be expired.

"I don’t want to leave it to anyone else, I want to do it myself. I’m a bit too independent, that’s one of my issues as well with dating."

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