Love Island's Laura Whitmore packs her bags as she reveals she's heading to Majorca for the show finale

LOVE Island host Laura Whitmore has revealed she's jetting off to Majorca for the series finale this Sunday.

The 36-year-old presenter was closing last night's Aftersun when an airport announcer's voice summoned her to "gate 69" for her flight to "the island of love".

The announcer began: "This is the final call for boarding would passenger Whitmore make her way to gate 69 immediately.

"The flight to the island of love is about to depart".

After the announcement, Laura confirmed that the final will be taking place live from the Hidden Hills villa next Sunday.

She shared: "Sorry guys, love calls and the countdown to the final is well and truly on so next week we're live from the villa! I can not wait."

Laura went back to wrapping the Love Island spin-off and added: "Right I've a plane to catch, where's my suitcase?".

Currently if you're flying from the UK, travellers need a negative PCR to enter Spain and if you're vaccinated you don't need to do a 14-day quarantine.

Last month, the Irish star revealed that the pandemic restrictions have made travelling to and from Majorca – where the Love Island villa is situated – very difficult.

During a Q&A on Instagram on Sunday, a fan asked if she would return to the villa, and when we can expect Casa Amor to start.

Laura said: "Oh I get asked this a lot. First question: yes. Second part: soon. What else can I tell you?

"Logistically it's tougher than when I went out for the coupling up.

"The Balearic Islands were in amber so when I did that I had to isolate for five days, I'm not sure everyone knew that. I had to isolate five days on my return.

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"Then [rules] went green, and now it's amber again, but I'm double vaxxed. I also have to be in London every Sunday as part of my Love Island contract.

"I need to host Love Island: Aftersun, which I love. It's just so much fun, I love live telly.

"But that's another logistical nightmare, that we need to make sure that I'm always back in time for that," she added.

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"If I could, I'd probably just move into the, I mean who wouldn't?"

With the final nearly upon us, viewers will remember there's an added twist with Laura offering the winning couple two envelopes-one with the £50,000 prize money, the other with nothing inside.

The contestant with the envelope of cash must then make the choice whether to keep the money or share it with their partner in a game of Love or Money.

So far, no one on Love Island has ever taken the entire cash prize all for themselves – but this year could be different, so continue watching to find out.

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