Love Island’s Matthew exposed as ladies’ man as pal talks of ‘pulling contests’

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Love Island's Matthew MacNabb has been outed as a ladies' man by his best pal across the pond, Tony Trev.

The lovable Irish lad, 26, has already left a good impression on other cast mates and viewers at home but often comes across as a little quiet, cool and collected.

Although his mate agrees with all those attributes, he also said Matthew is quite the casanova on the outside, with girls often flocking to his feet in real life.

Tony, a 28-year-old union bridge carpenter from California, exclusively told the Daily Star what his international bestie was really like outside of the villa.

The San Diego native revealed that the pair would act as a double-act on nights out in Pacific Beach, SD and tear the town up with their lover-boy antics.

Tony said: "Yeah we were a pretty good duo me and Matt, to be honest, we were probably the best duo. I mean, I'm tall, he's tall, he's 6'6 and I'm 6'2. We definitely ruled the club scene in San Diego that's for sure."

Matt's pal first got to know him during the Irishman's time staying in the US, where he lived for around two years.

He added: "He was there for about two years and I lived right down the street from him, I was basically walking distance from his house, which was right near the beach."

When asked if they often went out on the pull, Tony replied that this was 100% a regular thing.

Tony continued: "Yeah, of course, we'd go back to his place because it was right on the beach.

"We would literally just walk on the beach and girls would be interested and always come up to us first."

When asked who would nab the most girls, his mate revealed it was usually neck and neck.

He said: "To be honest, it's a pretty close match but I think Matt got me a couple of times, I think we were like neck and neck right there when it comes to the ladies."

Toby also admitted there was a lot of friendly rivalry between them both.

"Oh yeah plenty of rivalry, we definitely go at it and had a rivalry for sure," he added.

When asked what his type was from his past conquests, Tony said he usually went for blondes.

He went on: "I would say from what I've seen it's mostly like blonde girls that he likes, he had a good variety but mostly blonde because he liked that Californian look – kind of blonde and bronzed.

"He loves skydiving and hiking though, so an adventurous girl is definitely what he needs."

So while Priya isn't blonde, it seems he might have met his match as she is a bit of an adventurer herself.

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