MAFS UK’s Adrienne’s ‘fresh start’ as she reveals ‘awful’ reunion left her needing ‘psych team’

Adrienne Naylor has revealed that the Married At First Sight reunion had her rushing 'straight' to the show's psych team, following an emotion-filled evening.

The Project Support Officer, 27, was paired with window cleaner Matt Pilmoor in the social experiment, where you marry a complete stranger. Despite making it to the end of the show with a strong relationship, the pair called it quits shortly after filming.

But coming together once again for a cast reunion months later, emotions ran high for Adrienne. Talking exclusively to OK!, she explained: "The reunion was horrendous, I can’t even put it into words. I broke down in tears when I walked in, and that wasn’t because I was happy to see everybody, it was because I was so overwhelmed.

"My anxiety was through the roof, as soon as that was finished, I went straight to the psych," she said.

Adding that outside factors didn't help the experience, Adrienne shared that she had received some bad news from home shortly before the reunion: "I was also trying to adapt back to normality after leaving MAFS and then going back into that MAFS world, it’s hard. MAFS life is so far away from normal life too."

During the show, which recently aired on E4, Adrienne was reunited with Matt – who is now in a relationship with co-star Shona Manderson – for the first time since their split – which they both dubbed 'mutual'.

However, many were shocked that the pair, who seemed well-matched, hadn't gone the distance, after vowing to give things a go during the last episode of the show.

Sharing that he 'didn't know' the real reason they had split, Matt appeared to be missing closure from the relationship during the reunion – something that surprised Adrienne. She told us: "Me and Matt ended on really mutual terms and were really good when we split, so that’s why I was so confused at the reunion.

"I was so shocked at his mannerisms towards me, because I was like, ‘hang on, you also agreed that it wasn’t working’. So, maybe because he was hurting, I don’t know, maybe that was his way of offloading and his closure."

Following the ordeal, Adrienne is having a 'fresh start' and has moved from Cumbria to Liverpool to her own apartment. "I am literally having a fresh start, I’ve just moved into my own apartment in Liverpool, so, it’s exciting times ahead. Scary but exciting," said the beauty.

"If I wasn’t crazy enough anyway to have all this going on in one year, I’ve moved cities too! I always knew that I wanted a few years in the city, because, there is nothing going on up in the lakes. It’s a great time to come and network, and my work head office isn’t too far from here. So, why not? Take the plunge, no risk, no reward."

While Adrienne reveals that she is ready to be dating again, marriage isn't on the menu – and may never be.

"Do you know what, funnily enough, one of the reasons that I did MAFS was because I believe that I will never get married. I don’t know why, I just think that. So, I thought, what a great way to do it, I get the wedding and have fun but it’s not legally binding," laughed Adrienne.

Amongst all the change, Adrienne has also grown an impressive 111k following on Instagram, and is working as a brand ambassador for cosmetic brand BPerfect.

Sharing why BPerfect was the perfect collaboration for her, Adrienne said: "BPerfect have been a dream, as a brand overall, I love their products anyway, but I love how affordable they are. I think it’s so important to be able to buy luxury brands that are affordable. Now that I have a following, I don’t want to sell a lifestyle and pretend I live this prestigious lifestyle – I've never been that girl with money to spend willy-nilly."

Adrienne is thrilled to be an official Brand Ambassador for BPerfect Cosmetics

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