Mama June admits she gained 60 lbs & 'sexy' boyfriend Geno Doak packed on 100 lbs after beating crack addiction

MAMA June admitted she gained 60 lbs, and she said her 'sexy' boyfriend, Geno Doak packed on 100 lbs.

The couple opened up about their new sober life in a trailer for the upcoming season of Mama June: Road to Redemption.

In a preview clip, June said during a confessional: "I'm back- larger, sweeter than ever."

A scene in her kitchen then saw her tell Gino she was making a smoothie but instead churned up a milkshake, first pouring sprinkles down her throat.

Gino asked why they couldn't be healthy and sober, and June replied: "I got protein right there in my sprinkles."

Mama June shared in a confessional: "So much has went on with us. We are now seven months sober. Can you believe that? Look we have put on a little couple extra pounds. I've put on about 60. He's put on about 100. We put on a whole other person. But I'm going to blame it on healthy Covid weight."

Gino replied: "How much f**king Covid did we eat?"

June later told Geno in a confessional she was digging his "new little, sexy body."

Earlier this month, Mama June's daughter Pumpkin showed off her major weight loss and credited “drinking lots of water” to helping her shed the pounds. 

Pumpkin, real name Lauryn Shannon, has promoted diet aids and shakes in the past but she admitted to fans the key to success is much simpler

In response to one person asking, if she had undergone surgery, the reality star replied: “no surgery here ma’am. This is all my own.”

She followed up with a longer explanation, writing: “I honestly just don’t overeat anymore and all I drink is water mainly.”

Since leaving rehab, June moved to Florida to focus on her sobriety and is currently estranged from her daughters.

Alana has been living with Lauryn and her husband Josh in Georgia, as the 21-year-old revealed in January that she still has custody of her little sister.

June returned to Georgia in late January and celebrated one-year sober in a candid Instagram post.

In a trailer for Season Five of Mama June: Road to Redemption, Alana is seen sobbing as she described how she "cried herself to sleep" over her mom's addiction.

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