Married At First Sight Australia stars separated to guarantee ‘explosive’ dinner parties

Married At First Sight: Argument breaks out at dinner party

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There are several differences between the UK and Australian version of Married At First Sight and perhaps the reason why the show which sees contestants from the other side of the world say “I do” minutes after meeting one another, is more popular than our own has something to do with the amount of drama. Unlike the UK’s programme, the Australian’s sees couples living in apartments together and going through a series of challenges and tasks each week; from visiting each other’s home towns, to one person being in charge of decision making to mini breaks away. After six days apart, everyone left in the experiment gathers for a dinner party which then leads into the commitment ceremony the following day, and this is where each individual chooses to stay in their marriage or leave. While the time spent on the sofa talking to the experts are juicy scenes for viewers, the dinner parties in season six have been particularly explosive – and there is apparently a reason for that. 

The Australian experiment lasts for 12 weeks and begins with each couple walking down the aisle and meeting for the very first time. 

Viewers then see them go on a brief honeymoon before packing their belongings and moving to Sydney stay in an apartment together.

At the end of the first week, all participants gather and meet to eat dinner together, sharing their own experiences and divulging on any drama which occurred. 

In the words of expert John Aiken: “The Dinner Party will either strengthen our coupes relationships or it could dial up their problems.” 

Naturally, alcohol is available for anyone who wishes to consume it alongside their meal and thanks to this, some become brave and more confident to share what their thinking and how they’re real feeling. 

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Nasser Sultan, who appeared on the 2018 version of MAFS Australia, confirmed this and said: “There’s a lot of alcohol on set. And a lot of the men are big drinkers. 

“Also, when you’re on set for hours you get bored, so everyone wants to drink.” 

As a result, not one dinner party from the most recent series has gone without someone arguing – be it a couple or separate participants. 

From Cyrell Paule – who nicknamed herself ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ – confronting Jessika Power over her comment about wanting to sleep with Dan Webb, to Sam Ball’s dramatic return to the show after leaving wife, Elizabeth Sobinoff alone hours after they exchanged vows. 

While alcohol perhaps encourages someone to speak up, there is another reason why the conversations around the dinner table are so heated and that’s because the participants are not allowed to see one another that day. 

According to season five contestant Tracey Jewel, the production crew separates everyone and sits each couple apart. 

She said: “They want the dinner parties to be as explosive as possible. 

“You have to rock up at noon and sit in a tent until like 4pm on your own and you have all these emotions bubbling to the surface and seething before you walk in.”

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And to ensure all the couples remain in allocated spaces, there is security on set: “Everyone is manned by a producer,” Tracey told WHO. 

“You can’t talk to anyone so you have a lot of time to think about what you’re going to say once you’re on screen.” 

There have been suggestions the show is scripted, but Tracey describes what you see on television as “manipulated”. 

“It’s 100 per cent manipulated because all you do is sit alone and think about everything for hours – they want to capture everything on camera,” she added. “They really play with your emotions.” 

In recent scenes, fans have seen Jess and Dan as the topic of conversation around the dinner table. 

It came after the model was instantly drawn towards the father of one when he arrived with Tamara Joy on his arm, days after their wedding. 

Jess played with the drawstring across her bust on the dress she was wearing, and openly flirted with Dan. 

This led to the pair having a private conversation away from the others about the instant attraction they felt towards one another. 

And despite two weeks of homestays, Jess and Dan remained in contact with one another until they finally told the truth. 

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4 tonight at 7.30pm. 

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