Meet Bachelor Clayton Echard's contestants including an ICU nurse, architectural historian & 'bar mitzvah dancer'

TAKE a peek at Bachelor Clayton Echard's gorgeous contestants ahead of the show's January 3 premiere.

The ABC star recently revealed that he fell in love with both top two contestants.

The Bachelor has released a preview of the beautiful women that will be competing for Clayton's heart in season 26.

The franchise shared photos of the girls on their Instagram stories this Wednesday, alongside a little bit of information before the new episodes begin.

Cassidy – Los Angeles, CA

Cassidy is a 26-year-old executive recruiter who doesn't like clubs and is pro at driving a stick shift.

The stunning blonde has a matching tattoo with her mother.

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Claire – Virginia Beach, VA

Credit: ABC

Claire is a 28-year-old spray tanner who "loves ranch dressing with her buffalo wings."

This pretty contestant gets "angry" when people don't wear deodorant and loves country music.

Daria – New Haven, CT

Daria is a 24-year-old law student who loves to dance but hates sushi.

The future reality star hopes to be able to write a children's book one day.

Eliza – Berlin, Germany

This bright-smiled beauty is a 25-year-old marketing manager from overseas.

She loves food festivals, going to the movies by herself, and frequently visits Switzerland.

Elizabeth – Highlands Ranch, CO

Elizabeth is a 32-year-old Real Estate Advisor who speaks a dozen languages.

She loves petting cute dogs to keep her spirits high, but she's not a fan of tattoos.

Ency – Burbank, CA

Ency is a 28-year-old Sales Manager who loves the ocean and dressing in costume.

This beauty previously taught English to North Korean defectors.

Gabby – Denver, CO

This Western stunner is a 30-year-old ICU nurse who is "terrified" of humpback whales.

She loves writing cards and hopes to one-day stomp grapes in Italy.

Genevieve – Los Angeles, CA

Genevieve is a 26-year-old bartender from the West Coast who loves to go fishing.

Although she doesn't like public speaking, she is ambitious and confident.

Hailey – Orlando, FL

Hailey is a 26-year-old Pediatric Nurse from the Sunshine State.

Her dream is to hang out with elephants in Thailand, and due to her firecracker personality, she's not afraid to go skinny dipping.

Hunter – Charlotte, NC

This 28-year-old Human Resources Specialist is a huge foodie according to her Bachelor bio.

She wants a real-life rom-com relationship and wishes she had an Australian accent.

Ivana – Queens, NY

Ivana is a 31-year-old Bar Mitzvah dancer who keeps things fresh by taking herself to a new restaurant every weekend.

She also works as a hand model and prefers the indoors.

Jane – Los Angeles, CA

Jane is a 33-year-old Social Media Director who dreams of a life filled with endless kombucha.

She prefers glamping over camping as she is terrified of tall cliffs.

Jill – Scituate, RI

Jill is a 26-year-old Architectural Historian who can identify baby pine trees as male or female.

She hopes to one day pet a wombat and was obsessed with vampire movies growing up.

Kate – Lake Hollywood, CA

This 32-year-old Real Estate Agent is both a Leo moon and rising sign, so she loves her attention.

Kate is obsessed with the thrill, so her idea of a perfect date is skydiving.

Kira – Philadelphia, PA

This New England cutie is a 32-year-old Physician who taught herself how to write hieroglyphics as a child.

She loves nachos and has two kitties.

Lindsay D. – Jacksonville, FL

Lindsay is a 27-year-old Neonatal Nurse who previously won Miss Teen America.

She loves Christmas movies and relaxing in hammocks.

Lyndsey W. – Houston, TX

This southern chick is a 28-year-old Industrial Sales Representative.

She hates clowns, can't sleep without a noise machine and isn't afraid to take risks.

Mara – Collingswood, NJ

Mara is a 32-year-old entrepreneur who loves to dance.

Her deal breakers are spicy food and snoring.

Marlena – Gainesville, FL

Marlena is a 30-year-old former Olympian who has traveled to over 15 countries.

Despite her athleticism, she is scared of bungee jumping and used to have a blonde mohawk in high school.

Melina – West Hollywood, CA

Melina is a 27-year-old personal trainer who is skilled in jump rope.

She loves being tucked into bed, and Thanksgiving is her favorite meal.

Rachel – Clermont, FL

This 25-year-old Flight Instructor once created a flash mob.

She's big on travel and loves to eat hot chips.

Rianna – Dallas, TX

Rianna is a 26-year-old Registered Nurse who loves to go horseback riding.

She hates doing laundry but is a very competitive board game player.

Salley – Charlottesville, VA

Salley is 26-years-old and was previously engaged.

She hates cotton balls, loves hot tubs, and one day hopes to own her own clothing store.

Samantha – San Diego, CA

This 26-year-old occupational therapist has been skydiving 12 times.

She likes to play cards and one day hopes to own a dog sanctuary.

Sarah – New York City, NY

Sarah is a 23-year-old Wealth Management Advisor from the city that never sleeps.

She can't stand slow walkers but loves Valentine's Day and cute puppies.

Serene – Oklahoma City, OK

Serene is a 26-year-old Elementary School Teacher who loves musicals.

She's scared of Guinea Pigs but has a lot of love to give.

Shanae – Sycamore, OH

Shanae is a 29-year-old Recruiter who loves going to the zoo.

She's a Christmas fanatic but has no interest in dating a magician.

Sierra – Dallas, TX

This 26-year-old Yoga Instructor loves to go on scavenger hunts.

Her favorite flower is a black rose and she's obsessed with Korean food.

Susie – Virginia Beach, VA

Susie is a 28-year-old Wedding Videographer who hopes to one day make documentary films.

She hates haunted houses and is a Jiu-Jitsu champion.

Teddi – Highland, CA

This 24-year-old Surgical Unit Nurse was terrified of ladybugs while growing up.

Her favorite food is pasta and she loves massages.

Tessa – Brooklyn, NY

Tessa is a 26-year-old HR specialist who loves to bowl.

She has a fear of red fruits and frequently attends concerts.

Season 26 of The Bachelor will return to ABC on January 3, as Clayton searches for the woman of his dreams.

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