Mum transforms 'boring' new-build house into upcycled multi-coloured paradise

Here’s some proof that you don’t need to spend a load of money to completely transform your home.

Getting crafty is the way forward.

Learn from Adele Thomas, 50, who has taken her new-build home from ‘drab’ and ‘boring’ to a multi-coloured dream; all through DIY jobs and upcycling projects.

Adele lives in the detached home in Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales, with her husband, Rob, 54, and her children, Ruby, 17, and Roman, 13.

She’s spent the last four years making it fit her personal style.

Adele said: ‘The house was much more neutral before I started transforming it as that just wasn’t me at all.

‘So I changed it up and became a bit braver. I think going on Instagram made me think like that – “if other people can do this then I can” and experiment.

‘At the end of the day, I just thought, it’s just paint and you can paint over it can’t you?’

For one of her first projects, Adele refreshed a simple bench she had bought from Dunelm with a splash of purple paint.

Next, she dipped her toe into the feature wall game, painting one wall of the bathroom bright orange.

‘I decided I would try to paint and be a bit daring, doing feature walls in a couple of rooms,’ said Adele.

‘I started in the bathroom, an orange one that was a bit of a shock for the family.

‘When my son came home from school, he called up his dad and ‘said look at what mum’s done now.’

Soon the DIY enthusiasm spread around the interiors, and the entire house was packed with personality.

Thankfully, after the initial shock wore off, the family love Adele’s interiors vision, even helping her set up an Instagram account – @lifes-colourful-path – to share her work.

Some of her best projects include repainting an old drinks cart (which she received as a wedding present), dyeing her grandma’s old dining cloths, applying faux Moroccan tile stickers to her fireplace, and tracking down vintage and second-hand items to rejig.

Adele hopes that by sharing her home’s transformation, she’ll encourage others to give upcycling a go.

She said: ‘I would say it’s adapting things to your own style and taste – using chalk paint, spray paint or adding things, different materials or even stickers. This gets it to fit into the look of what you’re going for.

‘I think colours that are pleasing to the eye are important to have – particularly the lounge with teal and orange, as we have a lot of bad weather here, I wanted something warm and cosy.

‘It just makes it more homely and not just a cream or magnolia box. Colours I feel drawn to are what I go for.

‘One person I sold a rug to on Facebook, when she came over she said she thought she was in the wrong place because it’s such a modern estate but in the pictures, it looks so old. Inside though she said it was like stepping into another world.

‘She came in and asked to have a look at the room it was in, as it looked so lovely but I ended up nearly giving her a house tour and she tried to buy more things – I said to her, “it’s actually not a shop, so many people do ask but I tell them it’s my home”.

‘It’s so lovely to come back to a home like this, you instantly feel welcome when you step inside.’

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