NCIS Hawaii’s Lucy Tara future confirmed as show boss details return

NCIS Hawaii: CBS shares sneak preview for latest episode

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After all, Lucy Tara (played by Yasmine Al-Bustami) has cemented herself as one of NCIS Hawaii’s most popular characters in the first two seasons thanks to her budding romance with Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson). But with their turbulent romance hitting roadblock after roadblock, CBS viewers have been disheartened in recent weeks after Tara was missing from the action.

With this meaning it’s been five episodes of NCIS Hawaii – up to the time of writing – that fans have been without Tara and Whistler on-screen together, and everyone’s keen for an update.

The only crumb of information fans have came courtesy of an update from Whistler in season two’s Rising Sun back in mid-January, although she did return briefly in the NCISverse crossover.

“She’s good,” Whistler said to Jesse (Noah Mills). “She’s been sending me a lot of pictures but turns out the middle of the ocean looks like the middle of the ocean no matter what amazing country you’re anchored in.”

Off-camera, NCIS Hawaii’s executive producer Christopher Silber has now shed light on Al-Bustami’s comeback, although stopped short of revealing exactly when this will be.

TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich reported: “It does sound like Special Agent Tara is gonna get into it upon her (eventual) return.

“‘Yes. WHEN Lucy is back,’ EP Christopher Silber tells Inside Line, ‘there will be a good deal of action for her. We can’t wait.’”

So Tara may remain out of the picture for now, but it sounds like she’ll be thrown right into the thick of the drama when she is back.

This isn’t the first time a member of the NCIS Hawaii crew has had to address Al-Bustami’s future on the series.

Back in December 2022, leading star Vanessa Lachey told TVLine: “She (is) still here and she’s still around, but we try to honour what (acting commitments Al-Bustami) has back on the mainland and maximise the time when she is here. 

“She’s here right now, and we just wrapped two massive water days where all of us were getting soaking wet.”

Therefore, fans needn’t worry too much about Tara’s spot on the team – for now at least.

However, it’s safe to say fans weren’t best pleased Tara was absent from the 12th episode of the season which aired in the USA last Sunday. 

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Taking to Twitter during the latest instalment, NCIS Hawaii fan @AmaliasBabe pleaded: “Lucy tara come back it’s not funny anymore #ncishawaii,” followed by a crying emoji.

While @selndtroislaugh concurred: “I missed Kate this episode! And most of all I really miss Lucy, please bring her back soon #Kacy #NCISHawaii.”

Elsewhere, @McAeryn weighed in: “No Kate and still no sign of Lucy in this episode hmm, the Kacy reunion better be next week then #NCISHawaii.”

And @GoWhereYouGrow was quick to concur: “I really miss Lucy’s presence. #NCISHawaii.”

Meanwhile, Robert Smith added to the dismay: “What they need to do is bring back Lucy @yasalbustami #ncishawaii.”

But @ellqks was more understanding: “I know neither kate or lucy were in it but this episode was still SOOOOO amazing i loved it #ncishawaii.” (sic)

Fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled to see what action-packed scenario will result in Tara’s return.

NCIS Hawaii airs Mondays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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