Netflix fans say their ‘skin is crawling’ and they’re ‘screaming at the TV’ over terrifying documentary Victim/Suspect | The Sun

NETFLIX viewers have been left terrified after watching new documentary Victim/Suspect about victims of sexual assault.

The 2023 film tells the stories of women who reported sexual assault but were not believed.

The women go through shocking police interviews accused of making a false claim, and some end up in jail.

Directed by Nancy Schwartzman, Investigative journalist Rae de Leon unravels the nightmare for viewers alongside real footage of victims in police custody and witness testimonies.

Netflix fans have been left disturbed by the raw documentary and are reacting in their droves on Twitter.

One recently said: "Victim/Suspect had my stomach churning, my skin crawling, and my heart aching within the first 15 minutes. If you are able, please watch."


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"Two minutes into #VictimSuspect and I’m already furious and screaming at the TV," one more said.

A third tweeted: "Victim / Suspect on Netflix is making me sick! Why would you not interview two suspects of rape but interrogate the victim?! Where’s also the legal support or advocate for these young women?! Lastly, don’t touch my f****g knee #horrifying #VictimSuspect #netflix"

A fourth said: "reviewed #VictimSuspect and was truly horrified by what I learnt in the documentary. Truly a real concern that needs to be cared about. The journalism though that I witnessed was truly one of the best pieces of it. Must watch."

Netflix has unveiled a slate of new shows which are sending chills down the spines of subscribers.

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Another new horror documentary, I Am A Stalker, sees convicted stalkers open up about their crimes.

The Netflix show depicts in eerie detail how the criminals' love turned into deep obsession.

The streaming service warns viewers of "harrowing accounts of harassment, abuse and other crimes" from both stalkers and their survivors.

In the I Am A Stalker content, it states: "Roughly 1.4 million people are stalked every year in the US alone.

"The results of stalking range from the annoying (persistently receiving loads of email or letters) to the intrusive (being secretly watched or followed) to the most severe (kidnapping and/or murder).”

It seems fans have been left hugely troubled by the candid scenes, with one confessing: "I certainly can’t be the only one who watches #IAmAStalker on #Netflix before bed, and therefore will be too scared to sleep?"

A second mused: "Hearing how the judicial system continued to fail these victims is [crazy Emoji icon]. A piece of paper doesn’t protect anyone. Thankful I am single at this point."

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