Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen’s kids refuse to talk ‘embarrassing’ subject with mother

Amanda Owen reveals bruise as she shears sheep

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Amanda, 46, and her husband Clive Owen, 66, are the stars of Our Yorkshire Farm which documents their lives and jobs at Ravenseat Farm. The couple’s nine children feature in the Channel 5 series and they are usually very open to talking about anything and everything in front of the camera. However, when 12 -year-old Edith tries to help her parents with sheering the sheep lady for mating season, the youngster refuses to talk about the subject of sex

In the episode, which aired earlier this year, several of Amanda’s children are seen straggling along to get involved with the task.

As the mother of nine shears the coat of a female sheep, she tells Edith: “Can you see now that when the pup wants to mate with her, it can get to her bits.”

Looking at the camera, the child replies as she shuts down the conversation: “I find it embarrassing. I’m not talking about it.”

“I know what it is but I’m not saying it,” Violet, 10, says as she also feels uncomfortable with the topic of discussion.

Their father, Clive, declares: “I’m not the slightest bit worried about it, not at all. I could talk about it all day long.”

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The narrator of the programme explains to viewers watching at home: “The ins and outs of sheep reproduction can be a tricky business.

“But one that father of nine, Clive, has plenty of experience in,” they add as the camera turns to the family watching a ram mate with a female sheep.

“It’s good to see they work. It’s good to see everything’s working as it should be,” the father of eleven shared.

“Some are better at it than others. I suppose that applies to all species,” the farmer quips as he gives a smile to the camera.

I’m not talking about it

Edith Owen

Clive becomes more serious in the clip as he explains: “This is important stuff to us and we need to know that he’s doing what he is supposed to do

“Once we know everything is working right, that he’s getting to be where he needs to be, we’ll relax a bit when he’s marked one and he has mated with her.”

With regards to the conversation about sex, Amanda isn’t too worried about her children learning about it so young.

The mother of nine says as her children continue to be embarrassed: “They’re getting their birds and the bees talk but it’s happening right in front of them.”

Amanda has a rather strong sense of direction when it comes to her children and the livestock she looks after.

The Shepherdess said: “It is what it is, I suppose. All I really want is for my children to be happy and my animals to be happy.

“Anything else is a bonus. I’m just doing my thing,” she writes in her best-selling book, The Yorkshire Shepherdess.

In the same publication, she opened up about her secrets of having nine children, explaining: “Because I spend my time calving cows and lambing sheep, it seemed to me that having a baby was going to be the most natural thing in the world.”

“I am no earth mother, hippy type but I am a great believer in nature,” the mother of nine explains to her fans.

“The only way I know that I am in labour is because I start feeling a bit off, grotty, queasy, not quite right.”

It’s not been confirmed when Amanda, her husband Clive and their nine children will be back on screen following the end of season four earlier this year.

However, fans will be pleased to hear the show has been renewed for a fifth season and will be back on television in the near future.

Our Yorkshire Farm seasons 1-4 are available to watch on My5.

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