Paige Banks Responds to 'Married at First Sight' Fans Who Blasted Her for Staying With Chris Williams: 'I Wasn't Born Yesterday'

For a show meant to pair couples up for a lifetime together, Married at First Sight sure does the opposite a lot of the time. Anyone who follows the show closely understands that Chris Williams is one of the most controversial grooms ever on the show.

His relationship with his bride Paige Banks has often been a source of concern for many fans who are split on what the future holds for the couple. Williams has numerous times called out Banks’ physical appearance, and his toxicity shows in every episode. The show recently had its season 12 reunion, and everything blew over when the host asked Banks what she thought about fans calling her out for staying with Williams.

Williams showed some serious red flags from the beginning

Williams and Banks have had a tumultuous relationship. From the onset of their marriage, Williams had already shown some major red flags from his blatant disregard for Banks’ feelings to expressing his outdated opinions without a care in the world.

Williams has been vocal about the type of lady he wants, from her personality to her physical appearance, and it’s clear Banks wasn’t his type. He even questioned the show’s producers’ choice saying, “out of the millions of women here, y’all picked the one that was just like ugh.”

After admitting that he intended on getting Banks pregnant, he informed her that his previous flame was pregnant and that he still had feelings for her. He confessed to Banks that he was thinking of getting back with his ex to raise their child together. Despite all the confessions, he still continued to string Banks along.

On Decision Day, fans had hoped that Banks and Williams would end their relationship, but Williams instead said they would be an undecided couple, which angered Dr. Viviana Coles.

Banks’ friend said the producers cut off more of Williams’ toxic comments

Whatever viewers saw on the screen when it comes to Williams and Banks might seem like too much, but according to Banks’ friend, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The bride’s best friend Nancy was at the reunion and told the host Kevin Frazier that she knew Williams wasn’t the right choice for Banks from the beginning.

In an interview with Madame Noire, Nancy mentioned that there was more to Williams’ ‘trophy wife’ comments that got cut. Fans can remember that Williams explicitly said that he didn’t think of Banks as a ‘trophy wife.’ He did try to backtrack on his comment by saying that trophy wives were “pretty girls that wanted you to pay for everything.” However, the damage was already done.

Nancy said she didn’t want to say anything at the wedding because she didn’t want to embarrass her best friend on her big day. However, she wasn’t happy that the other hateful comments by Williams got cut because she wanted viewers to see things the way they were.

Banks responded to fan backlash, saying ‘I wasn’t born yesterday’

The reunion saw each couple getting some time to highlight their marriages and how they are fairing. Williams admitted that he had been a terrible partner to Banks while Banks confessed she regretted sleeping with Williams. TV Insider reports that the couple sought counseling, but it didn’t work.

Fans were rightfully concerned about the couple’s toxic relationships, and Frazier highlighted the fans’ concerns. Banks’ response to all that was, “I will never just be feeding into a man that is clearly manipulating me or whatever the case may be. And I wasn’t born yesterday.”

When the host assured her that her fans were looking out for her, Williams said that she was emotionally drained and wasn’t going to excuse Williams’ behavior. Nonetheless, Banks said she was taking care of herself by going to therapy and furthering her hobbies, such as writing to find her purpose.

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