Rebekah Vardy says her ‘ball-tickling hands’ are biggest Dancing on Ice hurdle

Rebekah Vardy has opened up about her challenge so far ahead of her Dancing on Ice debut on Sunday evening.

Former I'm A Celebrity contestant Becky, 38, has confessed that her hands look like she's "ball-tickling" when she performs on the ice.

The questionable movement with her hands has become so noticeable that her professional skating partner Andy Buchanan often tells her off.

Chatting to Daily Star and other press about the challenges she's faced so far, the TV personality explained: "My posture and my lines. I can't keep my hands shut.

"My hands look like I am constantly ball-tickling.

"Honestly all Andy says to me is 'check your hands' and I'm like 'what? What's wrong with my hands'."

"I've never danced and I have never trained in anything like that, I would be awful.

"I struggle to remember routines never mind having to point my toes, stretch my fingers and being lifted from under my ribs. That's just not natural for me."

She added: "The posture and performance has been the most challenging."

Rebekah went on to add that she's formed a solid friendship with Andy during their time together in rehearsals.

"Andy is like my best friend. We have such a good laugh in training and I think that is what it's all about," Becky said.

"It's just about having fun doing what we're doing. We're so fortunate in a time like this to be able to continue to go training and put on the show on Sunday.

"You kind of appreciate the small things. We don't argue, we don't call each other names or anything like that. We're just really good friends."

She added: "It's really nice because when you've got a friendship like that you trust what they are asking you to do.

Rebekah and Leicester footballer Jamie Vardy have been married since 2016 and share five children.

However, the Vardy family will have to cheer Becky on from the comfort of their sofa, as the live studio audience has been scrapped due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

She said: "My kids are so excited, they are literally chomping at the bit.

"I think they are gutted they can't come and watch live.

"They haven't been able to come and see many training sessions, and that aspect makes me sad because my family is everything and having them be a part of this journey more would have been amazing.

"But they will support from home, and everyone will be rooting for us."

Denise Van Outen, Rufus Joined, Lady Leshurr, Jason Donovan and Joe-Warren Plant will also take to the ice for the first time this weekend in a bid to impress the judges and viewers at home.

Dancing on Ice stars on Sunday January 17 on ITV at 6pm

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